Eduation now

Hyphnos no longer holds me in his embrace
His son, morph the sandman dream into nightmares
I wake startled, am not home
A country ruled by the Ares of a government

I am here were lady liberty stand guard for all
Many seek her refugee ,so have I ...
From the titan who seek to destroy me
My Athena has granted me this chance
To be here in this time of rebirth

I am glad I have been spared,many indignities during my time.
My powress as a scholar has saved me
Has proven me worthy.
To mingle with those of higher elk.

That day I celebrated with Dionysus
This great honor besotted upon me
The right to become educated in a foreign land
Granted to be more than I am today

Am no Robert Hooke's I may not make great discoveries
But my lady Aphrodite cares greatly
Not of my failing but of my happiness
I will strive for greatness by APollo light

My mind will be made a new
Filled with the many riches attain
Through the halls of the great libaray
In preparation of a revival

Upon my return to land ruled by Ares
I shall hold my mother again
And will shout out to Hades
" I have returned victorious,I've come to claim whats mine"

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My family
My country
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