Stand, Why Don't You?

The thought of someone out there

Believing they do not matter,

Because their president says so. 


The satisfied looks on the faces of people

Who have never valued those different than themselves. 

They are proud,

Because their president is one of them. 


The pain of a person 

Who thinks they do not have a voice in this world,

Because their president ignores them.


The same language my sister hears on the news

Echoing in the halls as she battles high school,

Because her president leads by example


I will stand for the flag and the anthem of my country,

I will stand for the nation my ancestors died to protect.

I will stand for the brave, 

And I will stand for prisoners in the land of the free,

But I will not stand for these.



This poem is about: 
My country



Excellent ! Inner rhyme and story! Excellent !

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