"Paying Bills /w Poetry"

That sounds like it nears the Land of
Imposible. It's not that I can't write-
most people have impaired eyes that make it
harder 2 read while n' fear the words may bite.
Not only that,
but also I need 2 keep their attention
-hmm... what should I say???
C, now I shred my whole brain n2 a fraction.
...Maybe I could...
talk about how my com4table life is like so HARD
(yeah, something like that)
& how the whole world is 2 sick 4 a get-well-card.
(Yep, there we go.)
Cuz now that I'm 8-teen, I can't write 4 fun
no more. Naw, gotta start paying bills /w Poetry.
I gotta drop Individuality & let Comformity begin.
Only b/c I like 2 write & have things 2 say.
I have 2 drop Individuality
& dwell n' Comformity all day
2 dwell n' the majority's mind
& c what they like,
oh God, I see some of the "suggestions"
& I know I'm bout' 2 go on a hike
through crap 2 keep my sanity in-tact.
I can't ignore the obvious
especially n' the Adult World
even if It makes me dubious.
I gotta start paying bills /w Poetry
cuz I like 2 write,

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