Final Stand


Another day another conflict. It's an ongoing fight.

Another law passed to strip us of our God given rights.

They take away our land. They keep their hands in OUR pockets.

When will we stand up and tell Uncle Sam that he can suck it.

They take away our freedoms and tell us it's for our own good.

We've never even fought it, we just told them that they could.

I'm tired of us sitting back while our Constitution is eroding.

These fuckers set a bomb and it's on the verge of exploding.

It's time to stand up in whatever way we must.

It's time to show our government that they do not own us.

We start by taking back our rights. Obey no unjust law.

Stand together, and disobey. They can't arrest us all.

We march upon them as a unified force with a quick and steady pace.

We storm the hill, take back our rights and put Ol' Sammy in his place.

I am just a single voice, alone, I'm bound to fail.

Let's take a stand together and send this demon back to Hell.

Let no man rest until the day we reclaim our land.

America, wake up right now this is our final stand.







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