Where Is The Justice? Part 1.

– Where is the Justice?
My feet matches on oil,
But lives in a world full of self-doubts and loss,
Yet in the faces of challenges, I strive to live on, because in victory tells the story.
I am surrounded by people who showed they cared, yet unfulfilled to freely give the care.
I am care-harassed by a government which says change they cares, yet enslaved in an environment that harnesses my harsh realities… with brutal noise, pollution and degradation.
Yet, I live without work and work without good living standard to show for it, because my take home pay cannot take me home.
But in all these, I think God, for a goodly heritage.
And I think in too many ways, the opposite of poverty is justice.
But where is the Justice? When I attend primary school without Teachers and secondary school without Students, Teachers paid less to teach, and yet I hear the standard of education has fallen in our Universities?
Where did it fall into? Leaking pockets, and striking strikes.
Where is the Justice when you cannot read, because you want to be paid to read, but how can you read when you cannot write to have the right to speak?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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