Power of Education: To Whom This Letter May Concern

No government, no school

No rulers left to control the situation

Just weaponless citizens in an empty nation

The cord to the mic's been cut

Shut down the power lines

Limit the electricity

Cease the internet and all of those who fail to see

We're all part of the same territory

Expel your thoughts and ideas

That have so long been restrained

Chant the words to your resistance

For we are all the same

Revolutionize the eyes of the youth

Shine light upon shadows

Teach them to salute

Our God given rights:

Life, liberty, and the pursuit

Of all that makes us happy

Jot down your feelings

Recite them to a willing ear

There is no fascist leader

Eradicate your fear

For you are protected

You won't be brought down here

Break free of the control

Expand your mind

Feed your soul

Gratification of knowing you are whole

A shut down means nothing

You still control your self being

Decide yourself's meaning

Engage in learning

Books, internet, and word of mouth

Let them aide you

Self appointed teacher

As powerful as any leader

Delete the virus of ignorance

Let education be your redemption

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