Ode To Society

Society, Society, Society
It whispers in my ear
Leaves it stings
And never fails
Using me as its target

Its destructive but elusive magazines
Its "Oh You Can Be Her" attitude
Seducing you with the images of
naturally skinny girls
Destroying our already beautiful bodies

Oh Society whispers in fact it yells
Republicans verse Democrats
The House failed to pass another bill
And Obama is just black what does he know
The whole shebang

Abortions don't sacrifice a human life.
And to be gay, well your just born that way
In God we trust, well thats a not what we want.
So lets just take it away.
Oh how it hollers.
This society.

To be fat is disgusting.
To be to thin makes you anorexic.
And well to open your legs by accident..
That just makes you a girl who can't keep her legs closed.
Oh society can you tone it down a bit.

Its buzzing, its hurting, I can't no longer hear.
Talks so much, I can't shed a tear.
Oh stupid society.
Don't you see what you've done.


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