Snake Eyes:

Verse 1)
ive got snake eyes,
I can barely wait for tonight I'm
paranoid praying hat I dont see a satan.
i'm impatiently waiting still debatin
for this new world nation....
can you sense it? with no force intervention?
attention you're all misdirected.
thee chemtrails you inhale,
the hacks in your emails
just take
Zuckerberg for an example of detail
"to detail to detail"
are planted. not a one of em will be abandoned
whenever theres a tragic disaster they have their hand in.
unless ofcourse
you're gonna chit chatter the
plot they plannin
"plannin the plot they plannin
like makin an end to this god Forsaken planet,
die any way you that you can imagine
they test you by crashing your social media,
they mock you with pizza gate yo
even bill watched childs play.....

everyone's asleep..
why does nobody to listen to me?
i feel like im the only one
who can see x2

Verse 2)
everyone's lookin at me strange,
like a targets on my head
I should really watch what I say,
but fuck you hypocrites,
like" I wouldn't do this"
but if a burner was upto your head
you'd go through it.
you so ghost but you lack
proof that you were even human.
means you dont know what real voodoo is.

you call yourselves gruesome kids
but you've neva seen gores true brutalence
yo, this universal plane, soon to go through some turbulence
induce a bit of lunatic'ism as i unloose N my demons out my spiritual prison
N get to purgin sins
its urgent shit yuh stupids
shoulda neva sold my soul
i feel I've caused a wave but itlle neva make it to shore
watch out it has a tsunami flow
everyone's asleep
why does nobody listen to me
I feel like I'm the only one who can see
*this world is on fire, fire, everyone set the world on the fire, fire,

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Our world
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