Born into a Place

Born into a place that depicits my race as something bad, as something less than them.

 Born into a place that thrives on the white face. 

That white is pure and anything of color is a disgrace. 

Born into a place where whites always have the right of way.

Commits the same crimes as blacks but the blacks don't get to see the light of day. 

Born into a place where genocide took place.

They were intimidated by the Native's red face. 

Even though this wasn't even there home they took it anyway.

Born into a place that women have to live in a man's world. 

Where a boy gets chosen for a job before a girl.

Born into a place where the government hides so much from the public.

Distracting us with non-sense but hehind closed doors there's a whole war that may erupt. 

Born into a place where the system is so currupt. 

But America is so great? 

Getting a job in America is a piece of cake?

Your schools will be safe? 

Your dreams will take place? 

You won't get judged by your race? 

Are the proud Muslims in America accepted and feel safe? 

But America is so great?

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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