Miss Government

You protect me with your torch

And feed me with your golden dollar

Your armies light my way

While my body rests in flaking corn

I said I’d always have faith

But lately you’ve been changing

You burn burn burn

Whoever stands in your way

And you burn burn burn

Whoever threatens you word

You burn burn burn

This land I slaved to carry


Miss Government I see

How your brothers lie and cheat

To get their way

They always get their way

Your brothers all wanted safety

But they're just decorating my casket

They decorate my casket

And Death breathes deep

While Life cries on the other side

We don’t choose who we knight

My sisters try to fight

But who do we knight?


Miss Government please

Tell me was the bullet worth it

Tell me was the blood worth it

To see the world as I don't

And force upon me cries of war

Everything is wrong

It's all wrong

Kill again with the same bullet

Rewrite in old blood

Sign the parchment

And pray they won't find you out

So as not to fall fall fall


Miss Government let me tell you

We will find you out

And Death will lift his shroud

You will fall fall fall

Just like my faith

You will fall fall fall

And like my faith

You will burn burn burn

Even though I speak sorry truths

Even though you sink in agony

Life will learn to laugh again

And I will find someone to love again


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