Black Pepper


Shot in the streets like a non-memeber of humanity

Arms raised, "Officer please don't shoot!"

Sorry to break it down to you guys but justice don't always apply to the black group


Laws made to enslave and not protect

which brings me to the question, has the police hurt you more than helped?


I can't risk seeing my brothers on tv so I won't watch the blues

I mean the news

Black Teenage Boy Murdered, the headlines reads, killing our own people 

Tell me, who are the fools?


My own cousin now dead and buried I ask myself how could this be

I just can't wrap my head around this

He was a victim of crime 

The black on black kind


And can you believe that we're still dealing with discrimination in 2014?

Ask not "if" you can change, but "how?"

Do you stand with Malcom X's "by any means necessary" 

Or do you chose peace like Dr. King?


Slavery is no longer physical, but mental

Letting the media  control our minds

The structure of this institution is far beyond complex and cynical 

Think past this moment and beyond this time


Believe in something now or your children will do the same

Generational ties just don't get broken

Standing idle and mute would be completely insane

We will not fail we have been chosen


And I mean it's ok to rep the (985),(225),or(504)

But don't let your hood come against your family 

Or have you sending your brother through them mortuary doors with a toe tag making the Man glad

I mean it's like you're working for him for free

All they want to do is see us divided and ceased so please


Don't close your eyes to another tragic demise of your brother or sister

Be active in your community

Remember it takes a village to raise a boy or girl 

So stay united and stand strong 

And maybe one day we'll change the world 


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