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Near the bottom of our system
Ignorance exists, and its consequences are prevalent.
Out of sight out of mind only hinders our development,
When negligence is evident from the government’s irrelevance,
And stand your own ground has left black people fearing prejudice,
From delegates who worsen the deficit,
Because if Trayvon had killed George he would be facing a death sentence,
If color was not seen than there would never be ascendance,
But racism is alive so how could I pretend that
Government dependence will ever leave the inner cities,
Because poverty rides the backs of minorities and well fare families,
Categories break all these people down into numbers,
And it makes me start to wonder what the hell they’re living under?
The system strikes quick often dependent on your color,
Hoods go up and clenched fists rise for black power.
It’s the eleventh hour and the fifty ninth minute,
And as the earth turns you can feel the balance shifting,
And as the fuel burns I pray to god people are witnessing,
That Capitol Hill is not political its businessmen.
Private industries are making profit off oppression,
And the black markets driven by our nation’s prohibition,
Time for drug possession halters national progression
Because the war against drugs creates an underclass of victims.
The geo-group stock price rise by admission,
They’ll lock your ass up and let you die inside their prisons,
And if you make it out your just another in the system,
Failure for employment under state supervision
Leaves you selling corner grass,
Because honestly that’s the only option for a living.
This entire problem sparked from racial discrimination,
And the tension still exists you can feel the vibration
From the people under stares still fighting for liberation.
This is the truth,
After the fact that I gave up on politicians,
Because my political knowledge
Makes me a pissed off heading for college kid
Knowing that there’ll be no work after, liberalization
And I can’t stop blaming self interested politicians
For driving this nation into the pavement.
Being Mexican amplifies my passion,
To want to speak for freedom,
Because in Arizona there’s oppression,
And stereotyping allowed in law enforcement,
But tell me, how are they going to survive if they’re deported?
Because south of the border there’s a developing nation,
And poverty kills so they’re just trying to escape it.
But we let go live and let die,
Living our lives in the twenty first century fighting for rights,
I can’t smoke weed and if I does
Than I could be another number locked up for doing drugs.
Our society is born and raised off misconceptions,
When the truth is,
Our founding fathers had slaves tied in the basement,
While they were saying something guarantying freedom,
Along the lines of ‘Every white males created equal’.
It’s been a sequel as our story rolls on and when it’s all said and done,
I won’t say that I am proud in the land of the free,
My family has fought for this country,
And I've never found a need to ship our soldiers overseas,
Why can’t we find alternatives to fighting for our peace?
This nation under god entered war to stop evil,
But if Jesus came today would he condone killing other people?
We’re all equal from the flesh to the soul,
But we fail to acknowledge world peace in search of our own.
Opinions become prejudicial to our way of life,
Because we all split apart when defining wrong and right,
Justice can’t be served from the barrel of a gun,
But still we remain free to shoot and kill someone,
Or anyone we choose because it’s granted as a right,
We’re allowed to bear our arms and take another human’s life,
And we’re free to make decisions in pursuit of happiness,
Unless of course our government fails to agree with it.
This nation that accepts individuality,
Doesn't exactly give homosexual’s equality.
As a country we decide how gay’s can live their lives,
And we have to vote for civil rights because gay marriage is denied.
Now, if our nation had to vote sixty years ago for black freedom,
Would backs of buses still have colored seating?
If we could all see things clearly like Jewels did,
When he was in full grip of what it felt to be righteous,
With divine intervention driving his decisions to seek,
The best clarity of life and beliefs.
You see,
History makes me think and get real introspective,
Like, what is my foundation for which I base my ethics?
Things leave me stressing stuck reflecting on pop culture for lessons,
Because knowledge is a piece of mind,
These opinions, all of these opinions,
I’m just trying to understand if it all happens for a reason.
Our creation may be,
The fundamentally greatest answer man will ever need,
Because right now in the Middle East,
And throughout our history,
People have died for their beliefs,
Since my birth it’s all I’ve seen.
Our generation was born at the inception of revolution,
In technology, crisis, and mass media confusion.
Before our eyes we've seen a cultural change,
And a culture that hates,
The bearded radical Osama Obama,
Whatever you call him,
Al Qaeda’s screaming death to Americans,
And we watched the towers fall so it began right then.
We’ll get revenge rally around our troops and cheer,
The Taliban will fall but that idea,
That idea has left people stuck in fear,
Not only here,
In their lives on their land too,
Parent’s tears for children lost serving our country,
Their children’s pain of losing their parents,
The shit my cousin has seen,
Should not be seen by anyone fighting for my freedom.
The same question ponders all of our minds,
Why the hell are we still fighting and dying?
I sit and contemplate how our species can hate,
Because genetically we are all predisposed to want a common fate,
Compassions in our DNA and we are susceptible to
Peace, love and motivation,
For a common goal to leave this earth greater than when we came in.
We American’s are arrogant to people developing,
People not without a job, or the material world,
People who are actually struggling,
People who have nothing.
And if nature and nurture are prevalent
In the characteristics which make us unique
Than children of poverty who see AK-forty sevens must think
That wars the way it must be,
And that fact bothers me.
People are raised and brought up to believe,
The lessons our parents may teach or preach,
These children curious and enabled to understand creationism
Develop a common interpretation for heaven,
Regardless if their Muslims, Jews, or Christians.
But unfortunately,
Separation is so commonly advocated,
That our adaptation has become indignation.
Assimilation as a common race,
Regardless of common traits,
Is so uncommonly practiced today.
So tell me god what’s going to be our desolation,
That sparks the extinction
Of Oppression, prejudice, and hate,
And if divine intervention takes place than please pray,
That predestination will reiterate our mistakes,
And someday manifest answers for these questions that I am placing,
On all of us who participate in this gift called living.
Near the bottom of our system
Ignorance exists, and its consequences are prevalent.


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