All Good Things Must Die


United States
34° 59' 41.0784" N, 85° 13' 32.3904" W

Our World is quiet, and operates in shadows.
The secret committees commence with their meetings.
The silent leaders annually rendezvous.
We are strong and stealthy, though we are only teething.
To a new age we charge, and we are funded by bleeding.

The highest leaders give us organization
While the young and ignorant revolt.
We blindly accept the fate of our nation.
Question everything, believe nothing you are told
Because in winter we sure as Hell will not be cold.

Government is a beautifully structured creation
But our sick of mind will be our nations cremation.

Senates gives us a face to place with our riot.
We vote on our Houses, or made to believe so.
But when does revolt become anarchy, and riot become fight?
The President is sparingly offering growth.
Will we stop before we grow old and alone?

You will believe as you please, I do not doubt
But as for me, I choose to continue living in peace
When the respectable die and we are swallowed by drought
I will drop it all and run to the trees
Because when a country is free, it is not free.

All man made things are given a limit of time
And we are just that, no matter how hard we try.

All good things must die.


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