Shuffling in a straight line.

Thirsting for the one thing.

Never satisfied.


Draw fake smiles on their faces.

Everyday the same.

They follow the rules, they say their graces.


Following the mob.

Giving into the nonsense.

Never trying to stop.


Blind to the world around them.

Of the fresh air they could breath.

But with their lives they are content.


They devour the weak

And try to tear down the strong

Thinking that one day “I will find what I seek”

But you will not find it 

Not if you're living the life

That someone crafted for you

Faking strife

You never worked a hard day in your life

Always accepting the lies

Never seeing through their disguise

Everything is different 

When you look through the eyes

Of a starving child on the street

Or you meet

A man

With callouses on his hands

Whose worked every day

In the fields of Zimbabwe

You will be humbled

To see the face

Of a boy in New York

Beaten because of his race

But you don't see all of these things 

You just want your next check

Why worry about the outside world

When nobody's at your neck?



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