Wake Up

It's time to wake up so that we can shake up

The bonds that bind us and the cloth that hides us

Time to take a stand, time to make demands

We cannot let time pass and sit behind glass

While others make decisions impossible to take


Time to shout time to get it out

Time to be heard and time to spread the word

We will no longer be silent and we'll stay non-violent

If they push us, we'll be smarter, we'll push back harder,

Time to be who we are, Our time to be stars

Policies with consent, or else we'll dissent

And make them hear us.

We are the people, we are one people

And when we stand united, we know no equal

We have the right to lift our voices high

Until we make the changes and we set the stages

We are stronger together, and this is a storm we can weather

Nothing can stop us now, It’s time to be loud

So loud they can’t drown us out

And the truth will be found in the darkness that surrounds us.

We are not equal yet. We will never be equal until we stand up

Until we get a hand up so that we might get out

Out of the slums out of the doldrums

that bind our very souls

To this poverty to this idea that we’re lesser

Because we have less

We are worth more than this and it’s time that we showed it

To the people who oppress us, to the people who dress up

In sheeps’ clothing trying to blend in

But we know they’re only in it for themselves and the companies they represent.

Parties of the people, that represent the sheeple

That buy their lies, as they strengthen ties

That we don’t agree with, and can’t feel free with

Making changes and changing phrases

To make the poor have less, and the rich get richer.

Let me paint you a picture

A picture of progress that cannot regress

Until our grievances are redressed

And we possess more than our current ignorance.

Everyone has an equal  chance

To do what they love, to get their dance

To do more than make do with what they have,

To be the person they wanted to be when they grew up.

But now we want to throw up, because they don’t show up

And they’re not grown up

Denying rights to people based on crap

That they reed or red in a book built as a trap

For small minds, for the ancient times

But if they read it all from the first light

To the final fall of mankind in revelations

They would see that their motivations aren’t based on faith,

They’re based in hate

In you believe in that book you preach

You should be teaching love, not hate,

Longing for peace, not war

And welcoming the impoverished to your door

Not shaming the women who seem too fast or loose

Or men-loving men whose love is true

Or picketing funerals, blaming gays for dead troops.

When will this end, when will it stop, we try and pretend,

But that isn’t enough, so what do we do about it?

It’s time to stand up for ourselves

And bring out a truth that delves

Into the very heart of our oppressors

Until they themselves become professors

Of the same truth.

We come together and we shake the earth

We shout out loud until the sound creates a rebirth

Of faith in the human race

And we can look our oppressors in the face

And say this is our land, and we’ll do things our way

Oh what a day it will be, when we come together in unity

Up from our poverty in equality

Until at last we can forget the past

And look forward to the future free from these chains.

Time to take back the reins from the ones we elect,

Time to collect on the debt of Jefferson’s

Self-evident truths, that all men are created equal.

Time to storm the voting booths and voice the truths

Laid down by men before us who had been oppressed

And had dressed in arms to fight those that bound them to freedomless night.

And yet, despite the rules and regulations

All the checks put in place

Out leaders it seems can erase them.

Meanwhile we’re making pennies on every dollar their paid

And they’ve got it made, wading in wealth that we provide.

Borrowing money to pay off debts, making threats, and collecting their checks.

And we, the people, the ones who can change things, and can arrange things

We have been convinced our voice doesn’t matter

That we’ve lost our power to object, or defect,

That we’re down and out, and that we don’t count

And they’ve counted us out,

But they still don’t want to be met by the masses

Who have been busting their asses day in and day out

Just to get by.

We are stronger together, and no matter whether or not

You think your vote and your voice don’t matter

Know this

When you don’t speak up, they grow stronger,

And with every lost vote, they get louder

And did you know that 40 percent of Americans

Today openly say that they don’t matter.

40 percent is enough to turn the tide of any election

Local or nationwide

Time to stop hiding, time to start fighting

If you want things to change, change yourself,

If you want help, be willing to help

It’s time to wake up and change it up

Time to break out and without a doubt

It’s time to shout in every medium there is

That we are not satisfied

That we want change and things can’t stay the same

And we will no longer play this game of hide and seek

And if we are to succeed, then what we need is you.

It’s time to grow up and show up on Washington’s Dor

And demand more than just barely getting by.

It’s time we stopped complaining and started doing.

Time to finally pursue happiness, rather than the job that

Will earn us enough to survive.


It’s time to break these chains and wake up.


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