Face the Same Direction and Scream!


The youth have a caring wisdom we discard,
The vast expanse of their world stretched out
So beautiful, young minds yet to be marred
With the reality of ego, money, and clout.

Youth worn down by way of attrition,
And our beautiful wisdom heading south,
On a mighty silver spoon hate glistens,
Yet I have splinters in my mouth.

I cry and scream, let this not be!
The stars are falling, the sky, it bleeds!
Silver spoons keep shoveling their coal,
What they do, they most certainly know.

Fight with me, I beg of you,
This not so candid battle,
Stand and look at the damage they do,
Stop acting like a herd of cattle!

Find that beautiful wisdom, head south!
Take back those hopes and dreams,
Embrace the splinters in your mouth,
Face the same direction and scream!

Fight for those that follow you,
Lest they curse our names for this awful place,
Coughing and spitting in a painful spew,
They left nothing but waste and disgrace!

Fight with me, I beg of you,
For those who have yet to see,
Lest the days will grow short, stagnant, and blurry,
Filled with regret, remorse, and worry.


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