Golden Age


Beyond the shadowy, pitch-black night,

A new morning's beacon begins to ignite,

Now dawns a day in which you will see,

The people's will has set them free.


For all I want to give this nation,

Is a future filled with enlightenment and creation,

Banish destruction may it never come again,

Strife no longer plagues the souls of men.


Well, it's wishful thinking, one might say,

The only obstacle is our fear today,

What drives me to rise and proudly stand,

Is the Nationalist spirit that is in demand.


The Truth speaks and forever holds,

A brand new story now unfolds,

It is up to us to save all of humanity,

Be it through pure courage or mere insanity.


Today breeds the way towards a brighter 'morrow,

A world full of peace and prosperity; without melancholic sorrow,

Instinct, aspiration, and a lot of ambition

Are the foundational principles of our national tradition.


Happiness, although be a matter of perspective,

Joy for me is within assisting the overall collective,

Advocating the spirit of a Nationalist revolution,

Where justice is served through righteous resolution.


Life is a crossroad filled with many choices,

Well, for mine I’ve decided it echoes the voices,

Of a people; a culture, determined to initiate reform,

Even through the adversity of the approaching storm.


Regardless of the past; the present is now here,

And I am determined to tackle even my greatest fear,

Because our glorious flag waves and will fly evermore,

Honestly, there's no other cause that I'd devote my life for!



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