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History the past
When did they invent the cash?
That would stimulate economies
And create a large gap
In between the lines
You cant read like "Between the Lions"
You cant read the fine print
Just sign the dotted line
Out goes information, they dont give,
Just wanna take it
And store all of it
In their secret databases
Invasion of our privacy
If our ancestors were alive to see
It would change the shape of the world,
No geometry
Astrology is probably
Telling the starlight to dim
Cuz our pages in the books of history
Are seeming a little thin
They forget about the little things
That can create the biggest progress
They dont see us as people
Just another tool or object
Dont take it out of context
They dont want to hear it
They dont want us to prosper
They only crush our spirits
75% Linen & 25% Cotton
Its what we're born to die for,
Inside of a coffin


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