Is Change Possible?

We live in a simple world, carried on by the words,

"Land of the Free, Home of the Brave."

But how important are those words that this country was built on?

How do we live by these words that we're supposed to stand for?

That we as people are supposed to create something and become whole as a union.

How important is that now, when all you see is the selfishness around us?

We are selfish because we'd rather spend money on things to spoil ourselves.

Always not willing to go that extra mile for someone we don't know.

But the blame is only on us for those minor problems.

The government is the one to truly get the majority.

They're so obssessed with image, money, strictness that they have forgotten.

They've forgotten what us as a country are supposed to stand for.

Putting up borders to keep others out in order to maintain control?

We're supposed to be welcoming in others.

To take them in our wing and teach them what this country is about.

The history of this country was to escape hardship, but we don't give others the same chance.

Pushing and preventing people from coming here based on discrimination.

That "immigrants" shouldn't be allowed here.

Not giving them a chance we also desperately needed at one point.

And us, the minor problem, are just at fault as the others.

Agreeing along with them and teaching the children the same.

Bringing up different reasons to why they shouldn't be allowed here.

Having them take test that we wouldn't even pass ourselves.

In order to prevent what? What is this solving?

We're so quick to make up excuses for something that we're at fault for.

We're all hypocrits, even the government who claim they're here for us.

They can barely take care of us, but they're so caught up with image and presenting themselves kindly.

Thinking of ways to better us, when actually they can't even do that.

Making everything about money, and making it harder for the average person to obtain it.

The problem is us, it's also them, but we need to change it.

We can change it, and create new morals. 

New morals for us as a country.

To protect all people, no matter who they are, or where they come from.

To love and care for one another. 

To be at peace with everyone.

Can't we make this happen?

This poem is about: 
My country


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