sam i am



wham, bam, and thank you uncle sam!

taking our brothers, our sisters: just lambs.

leaving our children on streets in the cold.

not much of an uncle, all you do is scold!


cheating kids on education: you're only teaching out of books,

that'll be the day that you’ve turned 'em into crooks.

why not teach 'em something real,

like love, unity, and respect.

and maybe they'd have have something more than a 

bi-weekly pay check.  


maybe I'm wrong, but maybe I'm right.

and your children aren't putting up the fight.

whose gonna save them? when we find you've let them fall?

some will find themselves in drugs, sex, and alcohol. 


but we are here to help our brothers, our sisters: our lambs.

vote no, and yes, and speak out loud, to reprimand the scams. 

No dumb, fake speeches, bad news stations, or politician's lies:

can change our hearts, our minds, our souls. or tell us wrong and right.

we must be willing to blow up: as red, white, and blue dynamite.




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