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Plus que tu me méprises Plus que tu me dis des bêtises Plus que tu m’abuses Plus que tu fais des ruses Plus que tu me maudis
I see Your beauty in your smile Your beauty in your eyes Your beauty in your cadence Your beauty in your fragrances.  
I've travelled a lot, all across the world. Although I've never been outside my homeland. I've never been on a plane, but I've seen oceans and deserts, and the hustling cities, from a quiet rooftop.
It’s easy to become addicted to love you know. The intoxicating heat and electricity snaking its way through your bones And reaching your eyes The flash of hazel lighting streaking across your eyes when it does so.
I'm having one of those days Where every insult I can tell myself  Is rolling around in my head I'm not smart enough I'm not capable 
Almost everything about me makes me feel crazyMy depressionCrazyMe doing my hair once a monthCrazyLoving someone I talk to off and onCrazy.  
Ya Know... Some RIDICULOUS Things Are Said To Link... ?!? Like Plain With Jane Or Sunshine With Rain... Or That Exceptional Brains Work With Cocaine... ?!? Which Gets Me To Thinking That When It Comes To Women...
Now I’m ALLERGIC To NUTS... By This I Mean ... PEANUTS ... !!! But The Nuts I'm Speaking of In THIS Poems GUT... !!! .......... DON’T Reach My Stomach ......... !!!
Now I’m NOT A Bloke Who's One Whose... “ Woke “... Because To Me It’s A JOKE... To Be Making CLAIMS In The World TODAY... ?!? As If ONE WORD Or The Things That You Quote Means That You’re OKAY...
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
Screaming my lungs out Tearing at my hair Eyes streaming with tears I claw at whatever I Can reach and toss things Around the whole room My face turns red and My eyes are wet and bloodshot
We sat around fire with deep heated passion. This was how everyone could tell we were crazy for a season or a reason. Our laughters revealed us in person and degree.
They are always there  Even when i can't see them I can sense them. Creeping around the outskirts of my conscience Venom seeping from their lips
^ suddenly this ain't nowhere, impressive I think --- got her swag? Tomorrow she stank. ^ I'm Turo and you ain't, it's in how alot I say thanks --- when growing up I left alot of blanks, cause I never dispute rank.
Reality hits, Sadness bites and it really hurts then it dies No one can rely and just can't play It can all be a reply then somebody must repay
Here’s a little secret. If it makes any sense , keep it. Why am I here ? What’s the reason? Well , it’s like poetry roulette. Spin the wheel for Bukowski. What does a double zero mean ?
It’s a soft tissue cage , inside a bony cage .  Dancehall is always open , one or more’s a crowd , When the whole place is thinking it gets crazy loud.    Sometimes things move quite fast , they then tend to 
When you take your skin off and stare at your bones   lay them out in the sun and watch them turn yellow       When you smile use your teeth they'll smile more than your hair
  I’ve been told that I am crazy, that I’m mentally insane.   daddy hEld mE dowN hE smElt stroNgly of boozE  
Call me crazy cause I threaten too much  But baby those are just my warnings  Like yellow police tape wrapped around my tongue Its just a precaution  Call me crazy cause I think about them 
Pressure keeping me in a state of mind Though it's not fine Desperation in my eyes
Hello? Are you there? I swear I swear I'm gonna cry  You ask why  Well lets see  I don't like being by myself 'Cause my voices say to "kill yourself" I can never sit in my own piece
Liked by many though I still feel alone, Surrounded by others but still trecking on my own. they try to understand my pain but they have different trials, though no one truly hurts me death begins to beguile.
Can you take my crazy? Can you understand the voices that can't help but put me down? Shun me from my self, turn my smile to a frown You call it disorder, I call it a hoarder Keeping so much of what it doesn't need
My mind was not quite right, my thoughts would give me a fright,  grabbed me a journal, made the thoughts external, and now I'm feeling alright.
The boy was corrupting her like a leech stuck to her skin But she didn’t know any better so she stuck by him She started changing slowly, didn’t even notice
There is an elephant in my room no lie He is hanging on the ceiling I just look em in the eye and start screaming Then he says be silent before i get violent How the fuck you think i feel you don't see me smiling
Affix a smile and they’ll think that you’re okay. Maybe she won’t flip out, go crazy on you today. And should you express a feeling- then you forgot your meds. Go on and take your pills. Cure what ails your head.
 I refuse to be the next crazy person on the back end of your jokes I know you were talking about me but you didn't know You think of crazy as straight jackets and force fed medications
This is a tide coming into the beach Only we all know in the next six hours  It will down us out as Tsunamis do.  Every little piece of home we ever clung to Wiped out to start anew. 
When we kissed I felt it threw out my whole body, not gonna lie I’m as scared as I can be.  How did this happen, I planned to do this carefully.  For it to be a simple fling, and look what’s happening to me. 
I can't believe what I just saw, A nigga hit you up as I'm scrolling through your wall. No, there has to be a good explanation Our relationship ain't built for no degradation
Education, it seems, Is nearly as mediocre as social media, Except it is more restrictive. Things like cyberbullying, harassment, and fallacies are allowed in school,
Once upon a time...
fine.... ok, whatever its clever  i am here feeling feelings brought on by you i am feeling something i have not felt i a while, thats true.  your a distance away from me  and thats how it will always be
The hair of my arms turned, I know this collision of arms is inevitable, Yet my mind spins like a ferris wheel gone rogue, A correction must be made to my limbs, Wrong, this is wrong; tears pry their way out
Burn my thoughts, set them ablaze. You been running through them. You ran through them all day. Now that your gone I miss you bad Iv missed you ever since you went away I miss that smile on your face.
Mommy, look at me, look what I can do.Say any word and I'll spell it, I'm smart just like you. I'm sorry I was bad. You hate me? Is that true?I promise I'll be better, Mommy, tell me what to do.
Ever changing into someone new Must be life’s way of saying “boo!” Out of the house and on my own, I don’t want to take out another loan. I’ll make things work.
Here comes a feat of boots dressed in gold Clad in a uniform just as bold Keys wrapped in paper cloth Hands wrapped in gauze   Bloodshot eyes tinker chilled Yet he stays willed
The voices that surround me tell me I'm going crazy.   The voices that live inside of me tell me I've already gone insane.   The voice that is my conscious
their picthing a fit, their screaming and crying. Lord help my soul because I know that I'm dying. smoke fills the air while we play truth or dare. is that who she is? Dang!
She once killed a man named Freddie Doo. For he loved to fondle with her shoe. So she chopped him into pieces, Which she sent to her nieces Did I mention that she is a cow named Moo Moo?
It is just me and you, In this mini colloseum, Watching these amateur singers perform Crowded though it is, Smokers though we all are, In the fading light of a day gone by,
Life is hard now.  I never learned how to earn my rewards.  Expectations caused discord.  Love can be gentle & love can be blind, but the love that I've known was out of it's mind.
Oh, Sweetheart. Oh, love. My poor, poor boy. You're the first person that has fit with me and made me feel part of something. Made me burn and love the destruction.
They’re fighting again, I think they’re going to kill each other. She’s screaming for them not to, She’s on the floor, but they won’t listen.   “Wounded pride is not conductive to apologies”
How can they assumeThat trapped beneath unyielding gloomThat there’s a safely padded roomIn which my Psyche lay.  
Walls of white. The black of night. All of which confine this voice inside I try to hide. I dare not cross the line. This voice, it grows, my eyes, they show
clink  eggs crack against the bowl sky blue broken shell shards like glass the thin line we walk so high tightropes of minds stretched across infinity or not contrary contradictions
With pain comes poetry  or is it the other way around Pain equals poetry I hang my hopes on a broken elm tree I was hoping to be free But all i've felt is weighed down You were right 
Teeth bared in the moonlight As blood drips down her face The look on his face is priceless,
Demons are chasing me People replacing me Lies are incasing me While the truth is facing me My steps retracing me
The townsfolk think I'm crazy. The townsfolk think me mad. Just because I spend some time talking to these lads.   They really are good company, I like them quite a lot.
my nihilistic tendencies the possibility of what i could be a monster faded from the truth listening to the loud loud boom   rocking back and rocking forth which way is south and which is north
My Shrink is on Xanax 
Compromising ment Lips creating a soft dent For our love is sent. Message delivered Warm embrace makes me shiver But the cold feels good.
All these crazy things,
Hate is too strong a word, so they say;It ensnares our minds - it's not okay. 
My personality is quiet,
Can you really just wander so much?
Shut Up!! Shut Up!! Just Stop Talking!!!     Wait, never mind. With everyone quiet I can hear myself think.
I wish I could be like a melody My mind and body beautifuly in harmony   Instead it's a clash, a bang and a boom My body falling heavily while my head is above the moon  
They say life is like a book of handwritte
You helped me see the light of day You helped me be the person im supposed to be You shined your light on my life You made me better not anyone else Although you can't see this poem
Things aren't right but you can't tellIt's like I'm trap all alone in this cell
They float in a cataclysm of nothing wanting more My mind is trapped and wanting nothing but to soar As I sit and think these idyllic thoughts you come to me and the hurt starts So I close that door wanting to cry no more
I'm crazy to like him  I'm crazy to love him  Crazy is my name he calls me when I'm bad He's crazy to put up with me I'm crazy to stay  All I do is feel crazy when he says hey 
Welcome now to my corner of the institution; It's onl my mind, overcome with pollution How, you might ask, did I get this way?  Well it's easy enough, but it's hard now to say
I stand tall with my head held high; Shoulders back and ready for the ride; Watching eagles spread their wings; Listening to the Angels sing.   I see myself in my mind’s eye;
crazy that a 14 year old is too young to make choices but old enough to take responsibility   crazy that a 15 year old is not able to control his tongue
Tomorrow Tomorrow That is when you will be all mine When our hands fold like cards When I feel your marrow against mine
this  generation really has me loosing patience. I dont know how there gonna make it. Always counting on phones , what if one day phones turn into drones and take over the world .
Fingers dance across my throat  No marks are left this time  But even still I feel you as though trying to merge our skin  I can't speak can't see can't breathe 
I close my eyes, you are the first thing I see. Your beautiful face, that gorgeous smile.   What is it about you that makes my heart race? Your voice soft as a baby's breath...  
From peer pressure to the grave,
I am not the violent type, no ? Can you not see? I see her last breath in her flat chest as she heaves.
searchng for closure searching for a sign put wanted posters on billboards hoping it would catch someone's eye "watchya looking for, lady" someone replied yelling over my screams
I fear I may be crazy I am told as much by those closest I fear I may be insane I cannot quite recollect being any different Though once I must have been  
Dreams guid us... 
I wish, how I wish, I could just dismissthat longing feeling, that search for a kissIts like I'm trapped between the heart and the mind
What makes me, me? Is it the way I comb my hair, my brains and beauty, or the shoes i wear on my feet? What makes me any different from you? Is it because i'm so kind
There are places one must go,
We are trapped,  We are lost,  We need to get out,  But we do not know where we are, We are slaves to the rich,  Lets get on the piss,  Lets charge the gates of gold, Lets break te chains,
Do you ever think about one situation & how one little detail could've changed everything?
Oh no
I woke up with the thought of you, When it asked me when you'll return, I smiled and said but were through, It said well tell him to make a u-turn, I told you he doesn't want anything to do with you,
He runs too muchDusk til dawnHe's crazy.  
Cognitively Not where I should be Feelin' crazy Not lookin' like me   Mental pictures  Leavin' me unsure Disturbing thoughts Have gotten me caught
Deletion.  Every single one gone.  The memories are fading away.  No way of looking back into the past. No young faces nothing but a faded thought.  Deleted forever, what once was is now gone.
We all yearn for happiness
Happy What Is It? They say Its money They say Its not money What is Happy? They say Its family They say its marriage What is Happy? Is it light? Is it dark?
"I'm going to tell you one more time.  You're all over the road," I look up and think here we go again.  Different day, same lecture. Our bows weren't the same direction. 
  I can't explain the things that I'm feeling right now   My mind, my body, my soul are being bombarded with poisenous thoughts   I'm being ripped apart into a million little pieces  
I’ve known you for a while now You and I are close friends  We’re best friends I’ve noticed how you have changed from a sad little girl into a mature young woman People made fun of you They hurt you
Shh. They can't hear you. Shh. You can't talk about that. Shh. What will everyone think? Shh. No! Ring the alarm, bang the pots, scream out loud!
It's always a good time for a drink.       Drank            Drunk Easy girls and wasted guys make it all the much easier to point a finger blaming a solo cup of bubbles and warm beer.
the love between us
We all have problems So who are you to come at me Did you ever think that there could be a possibility that i understand In spite of what you have come to "know" We are the same, having a bad day
No one sees, no one speaks, no one listens to the mind of the weak. not here, not there, nor anywhere can this heart bear this pain. I cant breathe. I cant get past. This emotion, this judgment
Inspiration, that imperial feeling toward yourself, to express yourself, while addressing yourself with the things you do to the people who see only to judge, judge, judge you for your rights or w
The question that repeats in most minds that asscioate with me, tends to get rather tiring. "WHY  DO YOU LIKE TO WRITE SO MUCH?" " I like to write because it helps me." *que questionble face and they walk away and talk about me and ask others if I
Death is dead! Death is dead!This is what everyone cries aloud and cheer,It relieves many hearts of agony and fear,
Death is dead! Death is dead!This is what everyone cries aloud and cheer,It relieves many hearts of agony and fear,
Believe To Achieve To Beleive You Must Achieve Over Come Fears And Regrets Stress Or Non-Stress
  A writer in math class Words on my paper, don’t know what they say.
In my mind, I have lived a thousand lives, and died a thousand times.
He said yo midget but I kept on walking little did he know I went home and cried myself to sleep
All I wanna do is play, But I'm watching the days pass away, And although you don't give me toys to chew, Master I will always love you,   You walk in the door and I'm happy,
Strings attached Playing puppeteer with nimble fingers and old, vivid nightmares   I'm your puppet darling   Strings attached Center with each, individual, socket
Words cannot express the emotion in my body Like the rush of water crashing into the rocks  My aspiration to talk is shadowed by humility Clinching my fists and shuttering in fear
confident yet insecure
My mind has an emotion that feeds of my heart For what I feel it expresses in words It is not scripted to what it must be But simply just wright's from what my heart tells thee It dances to life with creativity
Dear Ladies,
I come from a family that didn't have much Seems like each day the road would get tough The rain would never let up but through it all I kept my head up Because i new one day there would be a blue sky
She walks home each day Hearing the whispers and all that they say "Have you heard..." "Her dad..." "...some woman..." Try as she might she can't block them out
We live in a world where society rules most of us  We create groups to isolate our selfs from larger crowds We figure that if we stay away from the people who try and change us then we cant be changed
Writin' this for Power Poetry, Hopin' that they notice me, And I hope to see this scholarship, Cause man these loans, They make me sick, Emptied pockets,
Dirt on the flowers Smudges on the mirror Scars on a face Not all as they appear   Some turn and run Others point and jeer For what's on the outside Is all there is to cheer  
Every step a little weaker Every breathe a little harder
Looks are deceiving 
Screams can be heard the obliterate stares of those who don't have a clue do they really  do you   The bloody fingernails scrape the chalk board and the spine tingling sound
what are friends are they lovable or are they like a sneaky vampire in the night and gonna bite you when you are not lookin? well i say it depends on the person you become friends with
It's 12:10am as i write this my darling insomnia fueling my abyss feeling cool and calm as music fills the air though as calm as i feel i can't ignore my thoughts the thoughts that i can't bear
They call me 2 chairs Alls i get is deep stares Feelin like im commonly confused
Full of knowledge I received Rooted deep in earth I didn’t have to travel I am the inner cup Half full kind of tree I listen to remember Listen to the wind Who carries stories
Black and White, for some that is all there is the stark constrast of good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor, thick and thin.  What ever happened to gray? to shade, to shadow,
A change so exciting, so different, so new New Friends and Old Friends becoming few Parties, Football games, Laughs, The Insane
I wonder more and more how the world worksSome simple things like how those girls twirkAnd those big question of whyLike why did you never get to say bye?I wonder am i making you proud
When the sun shines through the clouds and the world seems to glow.
As I try to grasp upon this abstract feeling within me, "butterflies" as they call it, bewildered by the tension pressuring my cells running through me, pumping wildly and surging through my veins,
You fill my veins with poison, you drive my mind insane, It's you who leave me  unwanted, my soul so filled with pain. I try to walk away, forget you, I try to never look backm
Subliminal messages being fed to our brains
Thee cannot seeThee cannot feelWhat is within meI refuse to concealThee cannot relateThee believe it is not realCould it be fate?There are no more pretty pictures
You never know what the future will bring you nor do you know who will be there when you wake, life is a game of risks and chances the real question is how do we handle the grasp of it
  Colder than Night             Grimacing upon light             Trudging in sorrow             Contradicting death             Let them come over tomorrow
  Via Picture Frame             Picture via frame             Timelines render figures of black             Silent, swift, messy             Turn a blind eye
  Ran By heart             Go in new             Not as old             Be bold             Leap with hope                         Being dope
If I could,
My pen gliding against the paper Drawing out my words A voice thats unknown, A desire to be heard Music, art, writing, A mind full of words, A voice of meaning, And the hatred of lying
A religion based on the belief that god exists in writing, pouring your life onto paper to recieve enlightenment to a place so inviting.
Such fools
To forget...To love...To heal Love cannot be earned nor learn I am thankful that you never left But it's time for you to go Smile just like the way you used to smile with me
A three year old said "i love my mommy"A six year old said "i love my toys"But, what is love?A 1en year old said "i love my friends"A fifteen year old said "i love him"
Your love knotsare tied aroundmy heart
It happens
My dream is my job Where I get to travel and creat and invent Oh, no, no ,no, child They say No, you must get a job that makes money   Singers make money And they do what I love
The insanity drives me gradually, Until I'm forced to wonder, What is the source of this? Could it truly be that, which I  A small, naive girl Affectionatly call love? Can that which
One, Two, Three, Four, are you eager for it's shore? The pale face rises into night, soldiers stand watch with eyes of glimmer and shine.  we stand watch on the woods of our sailors
A sad girl Who's been heartbroken and left to soak in her own tears. Left to drown without any support in her own fears.  
We come to You with all the right intentions, But the moment we set off they burn to pieces. And it's only now that I realize, Just how far I've fallen from You. In Your spotlight, I become convicted,
As I lay d
My thoughts painted the mid night sky red and vibrant colors to show them i still hope.
i look back and see the pain you brought me i must forgive you in order to move on. just another chapter in my life that beginning with a brighter start. we learn to forget only if we forgive.
you look at me with soft brown eyes
I lay in the sun with lemonade, run till' im soaked inthe rain, dance with no rhythm, and I eat what pleases my taste buds. My friends said: "How does she do it?" I replied: "you'll never know untill"...
i was never as strong as Them She fought a long battle, where i could only last for a short time
Sway with my boulders and broad shoulders, swiftly as trees and as good as bees, you and me should be a team. Footsteps like rocks but attractive as tater tots. Whether it's the arch of my back,
Used like a toy for laughs, abused till' the brain stews, left as an abandoned child. Why do this to me dear?
Art relates to me. Art is the creative skill and imagination presented to the world. Every stroke of paint an artist adds on a canvas, every stitch a designer puts in a piece of clothing
At First is was all smiles and Hi's Shy looks away Trying not to get caught looking anyway Confusion, fear of rejection I’ve never felt like this before, though So how do I know how I feel?
Life is unfair The adults all preach it But it takes so long for you to believe it You ride the waves Until the board breaks
We've been broken up for six months both of us are in new relationships , and I woke up this morning to a next telling me you love me how can you love me and love someone elese?
they found he razor in the shower today because i forgot to take it out. thye looked at me with dissipointed eyes today but ppretentded they knew nothing about.   they heard me gagging in the bathroom today
Brittle, Brittle, little scribble. Cookies, crumbs and a child's thumb. Big pots, small lots. Dancing tigers, spinning chairs. Crawling, chewing, emotions spewing. Broken anger, dazed stairs.
I don’t Miss my Sanity  Sanity has left me and she never said "farewell."  I look up and down to find her, but she has reaped me of my reasoning.
A genuine lust of morning'sVoiceThere I slumber, and ponderAbout the tresspassers of the dayAnd the smell of the roses fill theCream cooled air of my mindWhile my arrival is very slow and timed
People use the word "crazy" like it's a drug."Did you see that video? It was so crazy!" "That exam was crazy hard, I don't think I passed."
Fifth period English is my favorite class. It’s funny sometimes when big kids don’t pass. The teacher is really loud and sometimes cray.
"I'm hopeless."That's what I thought of when I satMy heart was pounding and I lost all my sensesI didn't know where to startWhat was breaking my heart
Screw them. Screw them and their conformity I am beautiful I am beautiful despite the bump on my nose I am beautiful despite the acne on my temple
Some things are said, Some just thought, Some are read, Some I have sought. Some things are brown, Some can be blue. But everything comes crashing down... And I still love you.
It is a beautiful feeling  to know someone loves you. That someone shares what  you already feel inside.   It can make you do unusual things that you wouldn't realize.
The voices I heard in my head are so loud, discombobulated, overbearing, That it makes me wonder how you can be so sure about what the hell you are talking about!
Feel sick to my stomach...Just want to throw-up... Trying to stay positive, but real, as well... Seeing things I dislike...Thinking about things that are out of sight, but still in the mind....
Mia Famiglia Poof – flour on the counter                                           Splat – mash potatoes                          Poof – more flour
Lost. Hopeless. Tear filled eyes Gaze                 Upon the scene. The horror.   What mad game has the artist played? Conjuring up dark roots, Faded memories,
The night creeps up and it stings because it reminds me of the things that we used to mutter and sigh, laugh and cry to each other.   The daylight shines out our pain, Oh, but the night, 
When you say "Goodbye, I love you," I just wanna take you away  and show you a better place than the dashboard and the faces people make.  
It courses through the viens thick as molases, hot as fire. Quickley spreading like fast moving trains, it brings on that unwanted desire.   Clouds roll in, bringing that unimaginable din,
Everywhere I turn there are hundreds             Of dazzling smiles So, so many are surrounding me             In a radius of miles But not me, no. I do not smile             Because I am no one
I come from a generation where handouts rarely exists where you gotta get it by any means necessary.Where people rather hate on your accomplishments than linking up with you and making there own .Where it's easy to sit on ya butt and complain rath
I walk slowly to my old closet. Dust bunnies colliding slowly with the intricate designs around the thing that held one of the deepest door to the soul.What does my Reflection hold?Who is on the other side?
 I'm technically single, yet my heart is taken. 
They say that a bond between a mother and a child is so strong, that nothing can break it. But is that really true? We find this out in Crazy Cinderella, an original.
What is the meaning of telling me I am beautiful, if all you see is the outside?  People do not buy houses strictly because of what the outside entails.
How  am I supposed to focus on all the good in life when I am ever so  Numb  like the scars on my wrist, the ones that never made it past my skin Frantic 
Addicted to organization  through words, throughout your thoughts  Addicted " to a certain kind of sadness"  within your fears and your doubts  Addicted to the words that bring you up 
To begin something, with a blank mind to begin somthing, where only time can tell you if it's what you thought only time spent, to figure what you've bought.   Most people never begin, 
Upon the autumn's lighted day, Perched upon my view, I say, Singing songing was he then, Ringing autumn's leaves away.   Standing sturdy on the tree, The tree, to me, still sound asleep,
I have caught myself, talking to my mind again. It’s alright, nothing to worry about. I like it that way. Being in a place where you are me and I is you. We are all the same. We are all myself. Now the thoughts are creeping in.. Because lately you
Many wish to talk to me about the things I ought to be but understand I fought to be all the things I am right now.
My skull cracksAgainst the wall atEvery-distinct-slamOf the cell doors.   Patients’ constant banterJackhammers into my brain.   The wailing coercesWith the othersThat only I know.
They fill us up with lies They pull down the blinds And are the cause Of our sad demise   These voices and their venom Slowly poison us to death And in time we become
  What a beautiful color, red, she said And smashed it down with her hand Orange is pleasant as well, I can tell! And crushed it according to plan. Green, so keen, a fervent shade
Dear young woman on the other end of the computer screen, 
  Strong like the currents of the Hawaiian watersFast like the wolves that run in cold tundra Relentless, his enemies are slaughtered When he is angry he has a tantrum
I talked with Mr. Parrot Indeed Indeed I did He talked of his voyge To see his uncle Sid   His uncle told him of the day   He saw the submarines dancing out in the bay   
Nothing is as it really seems, Things can get you, real or fake, You really are only safe in your dreams. No, they will never give you a break.   Things will tear you apart in life
Friends may go behind your back or a sibling attempts to tear you to pieces. It sucks. Yet, you can keep going. But what do you do when your own mind betrays you? Where you run, it will follow.
Teeming with multiple personalities, I feel the Legion swell within me. I fight against Layers of self-defense. Long gone, the search to fleet just a virus. With eyes, undecided, how can they locate a difference?
I once met a woman who confused me so, Her eyes were crazed yet sparkled aglow. She lived by herself in an old little shack, And all she did was rock forth and back. Her hair was frazzled and white as snow,
You would not like to know what lies in the depths of my soul And yet you want the truth. You do not understand what secrets that I hide. You ask why don’t I sleep, Why don’t I eat,
Feeling like you have to scream or just Burst into cacophonous noise and break through Their chatter is driving me insane. I know they are there to help me but I just….. Want to know something?
Can’t sleep, can’t think Voices plaguing me. Screaming, barely coherent, whispering, can’tmakeoutthewords. Won’t let me be. Can’t run away, going crazy. Day by day. Followavoiceitmakesnosense
What am I doing? I haven't a clue, Most of the days I feel like the sky true blue. Jumped into college following the money not my passion, Spent many days looking at my life just crashing.
She wears a cross around her neck But she ain't no Virgin Mary Angry with rage inside From being so easily tossed aside Contains it with a smile on her face Remnants of the human race Fleck her heart
 Passing by those I do not know And those I wish to never know A packed bus never fails to amuse So much decay is put on display Dripping from every pore Ugly and deceptive to the core
Listen with your eyes closed, in the silence of the night. You'll hear the battle sounds of the inner organs fight. Logic's head comes out with gloves of steel, prepared to break and bruise.
My parents think I'm crazy, but really not that much. I drew a pretty purple daisy, and made the stove my own to touch. I wacked Daddy with a hammer and threw Momma down the stairs.
So loud in my head Stop to breathe Look up And Silence fills my ears
What is sanity? Sanity defined: Being or having reason. What is reason? Reason defined: A motive. So, If I have a motive, does that make me sane? What if my motive is absurd?
The nails are chewed all the way off. Bleeding; skin peeling. It helps the nervousness. The arms are scarred up and down. Cut; skin breaking. It helps the pain. The hair is patchy in some areas.
Today, I will crumble my map Follow nothing but the howls of the dogs Bring my worries to a cap And sing all of my favorite songs
To have your health is to feel that relief. A heartbreaking pride to not be the one in the quiet room, separating their M&Ms. Their MAOI's, SSRI's, antipsychotics. Nap time, snack time. Institutional itinerary of the insane.
¿No entiendes la locura de mi mente? La locura creada por esta sociedad, por toda esta gente. No entiendes el tumulto en mi corazón creada por locura, no tiene razón. Estoy desesperada. Estoy confundida.
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