Insanity (I don't know yet)

It’s easy to become addicted to love you know.

The intoxicating heat and electricity snaking its way through your bones

And reaching your eyes

The flash of hazel lighting streaking across your eyes when it does so.

And do not try to tell me it wasn’t love

This change in my heart beat

This twisting in my stomach

The way I feel like I’m falling no matter where I stand

and no one ever told me it would be this painful

That being apart from you would hurt

That not telling you how I feel might hurt

And how the mere possibility of you not feeling the same, is pure agony.

Because love is beautiful and wonderful and more than I could ever imagine,

But it’s also scary, and painful, and the most merciless thing I will ever know.


Is an adventure

And I am begging god to let me experience it again someday

To hold another hand in mine

To kiss another’s lips with mine

And hopefully they’ll stay

Hopefully they’ll stay, if only for forever

And forever is a very long time

But so is love

And sometimes they’re synonymous

But it wouldn’t matter much anyway

Because when love is cut short

You feel the pain forever

And maybe pain is also forever

But I tend to ignore the harsher truths

The ones that aren’t worth holding onto

But love is worth holding onto

And maybe it’s an addiction

And maybe it’s bad for you

But would rehab even help if you tried it?

And the truth is that often times love is the only thing that makes the pain of the world bearable

Make the blood and the tears and the memories you force to the dark seem like necessary stepping stones to be here today

To love

To be loved

And the world is a big big place full of so many people and I refuse to believe that any of them are incapable of love.

Or incapable of being loved

And that means you too

Love is always closer than we think

And sweeter than we imagined

And harder than we remembered

But don’t give up

Love is an addiction

You won’t be able to

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