Monsters (losing morality)

They are always there 

Even when i can't see them

I can sense them.

Creeping around the outskirts of my conscience

Venom seeping from their lips

Poisoning my brain

Their clawed hands reaching for my throat

Choking my enthusiasm 

Ripping into my heart.

The blood in my veins has become toxic

Contaminated by the mere existence of these monsters

That live inside of me.

The devil on my shoulder keeps whispering in my ear

Depreciating every inch of me

Manipulating my brain 

Till i can't tell right from wrong.

My shadow has become my only friend

A ghostly extension of myself

The one thing that never leaves my side

Following doutifully behind me.

I fail to recognize the person i see when i look in the mirror

They never seem to match the image in my mind

How foraign a thought that i am them

A pair of vacant eyes

That lead into a maze of confusion.

My soul has been darkened by blood and madness

A stain that cannot be erased

A scar that cuts deep into me.

My mouth, an empty cave

The soft skin lining it torn by jagged words

A fleshy, raw stump that used to be a toung

I bit down on it too many times.  

My body does not belong to me

Yet i’v scattered my thoughts about as if it does

Cluttering it with my morality

But i never dare touch the far corners

The parts of me that have been left to collect dust

The closed doors hiding unimaginable horrors behind them

I only explore the space i’v been granted

I leave the rest to the shadows that dwell in the darkness

Never coming into the light 

Possessing me when i'm most vulnerable

This body is a shared acomadation

My sanity, or lack thereof, is not my own.

I’ve developed a great fear for the unknown

You neve know what demons await you

When you turn the corner onto unexplored territory

When your integrity takes its leave

And you are left iniquitous 

Not caring what consequences your actions bring upon yourself

Or anyone else for that matter.

I’ve been drained of every ounce of ethicality i once held

My soul has been acquired for darker means

All light has been sucked out of me.

I have lost all ability to feel empathy

Any emotion is forced and filtered 

So to block the guilt caused by my crimes 

I shut off my feelings, and hope to die.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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