How Bad Could it Be?


I fear I may be crazy

I am told as much by those closest

I fear I may be insane

I cannot quite recollect being any different

Though once I must have been


I know I mumble and mutter more than I used to

I notice that my imagination often takes hold

when it would be better silent

I notice that people seem to stare when I pass by


My memory is not so sharp

I often find myself in places I don't remember going

I lose time as though it were tangible and close

Often when I think only a moment has passed,

I find hours have slipped by


Understanding, I am lacking

Fear is slowly mounting

Is it just the trauma

of accidents plenty and assaults many?

Is it the stress that life is heaping toward me


What has happened

I must have missed it

but there is no rewind button now

no way to make the clock reverse

what once was is no longer

so there is only one solution


I must embrace everything that comes

I must make it through this time

perhaps it is just a phase

even a life sentence must have some perks


I have no option

I'll just have to wait

I'll just have to see

How bad could it possibly be?


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