The Battle of Logic & Love

Listen with your eyes closed, in the silence of the night.

You'll hear the battle sounds of the inner organs fight.

Logic's head comes out with gloves of steel, prepared to break and bruise.

Love's heart, a torn & tattered thing, yet ready for the abuse.

The ref says "Let the game begin" as the bell rings loud & clear.

The opponents circle round the ring at the sound of cheering fear.

Logic says "The world is full of hate, pain, disgust & despair.

Things are never what they seem so as you walk on just beware".

He takes a step towards love & swings, "You never get out alive".

Love dodges but swings back at him, "I want to live not just survive.

Regardless of the pain I face, I do not walk alone."

Love smashed his fist to logic's face & they both let out a groan.

The fight went on for hours, battling truth & doubt & trust.

Relentless these two fought with words , each time a harder thrust.

We all know how this battle ends. Love always conquers all.

Despite the weaknesses that love abounds, he will always be the last to fall.


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