Dear Young Woman


Dear young woman on the other end of the computer screen, 

 odds on, I don'tKnow you.odds on, I will neverknow youPersonally. But IKnowyou. Dear young womanWho's been told thatshe can't, you're neverso worthless... Dear young womanWho's been betrayedabusedrapedby someone youloved  trustedbelieved in, you're neverso used...  so worthless... Dear young womanWho's given yourself upto so many peoplelooking forone companionbut who's always beendroppedin the end,  you're neverso worthless... Dear young womanWho's a single mothera mother to beor may never be a mother at all, you're neverso worthless... Dear young womanWho's been rejectedby the person sheadmired most, you're neverso worthless... Dear yound womanWho's hurting herselfphysicallymentallyemotionally, you're never  so worthless...   Dear young woman,You're never so battered, desperate, alone, broken, used or worthlessthat you can never be loved again.It mayseemhopelessnow.But you still have time.  Sincerely,The young woman on the other end of the computer screen,who, odds on, you don'tKnow.odds on, you will neverknowPersonally.  who loves youvery much.

Sleep well, my sister.


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