Via Picture Frame


Via Picture Frame

            Picture via frame

            Timelines render figures of black

            Silent, swift, messy

            Turn a blind eye


            Go draw your mind

            Insane they are

            Foul in scent, yet aesthetic in sight

            Calm so they appear


            Feel trepidation slither up your spine

            Only to break a vine

            A nerve trumpets pain

            Sudden in shadows


                So they name

                Not one but two

                Who are you, voices echo

                All around, things fade and mix


                Entwine the bricks

                Confused and stunned

                What can they say

                Just come and play


                Find my gaze through the maze

                Over the hills

                Through the bails

                Hurry, hurry, come say hey


                Ground in moss

                Gone and lost

                Where did you go

                Stepped inside so you did


                Clever they were

                Trapped you are

                Come come so they say

                Via picture frame upon this day



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