Sun, 05/19/2013 - 13:57 -- SLillie


United States
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She wears a cross around her neck
But she ain't no Virgin Mary
Angry with rage inside
From being so easily tossed aside
Contains it with a smile on her face
Remnants of the human race
Fleck her heart
It's only human
But quaking on the inside like a shivering dog
Is what I've had to live with
Wanting to smash shit
And burn it
As the fire's orange glow reflects in my eyes
When the good girl inside of me dies
Cut you open with scissors
And kiss your bones
While caressing your sweet face
The one I wasn't promised
Divided in two
Between the kissing and the cutting
Your vibrant mind gone dead
I enjoy you was all I said
Hot hands and hot lips
Hot blood, it slowly drips
Down your head, down your face
The droplets pour, the tears they race
And fall into place
Onto the laps of us
Into the trap of us
The destruction of hearts
Torn to parts
The silence kills me dead
As these thoughts reside
Inside my head.


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