A soul so cold.


 I'm technically single, yet my heart is taken. 

Don't you dare start to judge, you'll be mistaken. 
If only you knew how Bad i love you, if you only knew I'm broken in two. 
So blissfully unaware of your surroundings, while i cant even think because my heart is just pounding.    So deep and loud i just want to scream. Please wake me up, Tell me its all a dream. 
Wrong, once again. 
You're living a nightmare.
look in my soul, you'll be utterly scared.   
Wow, what a shame, your silly little game. You're the one to blame, for my messed up brain.
I always take the plunge and you never seem to dive. How am i to survive in a world where i just cry?    You don't really care, was it all just a dare? The smiles, the kisses, the hate, the wishes?Stop. Just go. Don't talk to me. Why cant my heart say no? Why cant i let it be?   
I often wonder if there really is a thing called love, so pure and white, like an untouched dove. My heart's on fire and my soul runs dry. Ever had a thought of wanting to die?  
What am i kidding, you'll never understand. I guarantee you'll never be my man.   
Why cry in public or weep in school? We all know there's only one rule. Keep to yourself don't share all your issues, because when you need someone the most, they'll be ripping up the tissues. 
Feeding you lies like you're some sort of pet. Your little mind is trapped in a tangled up net.   
Your hearts a little cracked, broken, and bruised. Why get back up when all you are is used?
Goodbye sweet darling,
farewell you beast, 
I wont stop loving you, not even the least.  A soul so cold, a love unknown. 


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