fragile mind


eggs crack against the bowl sky blue

broken shell shards like glass

the thin line we walk so high

tightropes of minds stretched across infinity

or not

contrary contradictions

can't make up my mind

fell down a rabbit hole and landed here 

now I wander, wonder in this place 



washing dishes hands hurt

too hot too soapy too wet

scrub away the grime 

clean clean clean 

only to dirty again

is this what madness looks like?  



wine glasses big party

celabration of work 

to only work work work more

a whole life spent walking up an escalator

race cars on a single loop

no way out no way but forward 

or is it backward?


clink clink clink and gone

I don't want to be gone 

but do I want to stay?

so easy just to fly above

run far far away  


this madness that infects us all

our poor fragile minds 

take the reality and scramble it

mixed so well

the human obligation to be something other

something else

and in the end

 we're all just making omlettes.



This poem is about: 
Our world



I leave you my reaction in poetry form.
Your words describe a frustration in life,
A frustration ever-presant at the back of the mind.
Many days have I paced in frustration,
Begging my mind for a change.
When success notes redundancy as a requirement,
Is it really worth it?
Thank you, dear human
For that view so full of truth.
Also the ironic laugh brought by the end.

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