The Wild Heart

I wish, how I wish, I could just dismiss
that longing feeling, that search for a kiss

Its like I'm trapped between the heart and the mind
searching through feelings, yet coming up blind

My heart pushes forward, my conscience pushes back
and all the while I worry, if I'm on the right track

Am I too demanding? should I pull away?
Or do you long for my touch? Do you want me to say...

"That there is one thing worth more than gold
that slight chance for your heart I hold"

Yet I keep my own heart locked behind mental bars
for it has become a wild thing with too many scars

Yet these days it grows wilder still
for the sight of your heart, has caused much thrill

I can feel my heart beat quicken as you draw near
and how when your away, it almost stops in fear

There was a time when the mind had control
but the heart threw a Koo, and the crown it stole

When the heart hit full run, it never knew to stop
It just blew up, and fell from the top

and when the entire body was in pain it claimed
that wild heart was the thing it blamed

So they locked it away back in the cage
and the heart grew wilder still in its rage

For the heart never thought with logic, it was pure emotion
For its lover it showed unwavering devotion

Now the heart seeks to be free once more
but the mind does not forget, the scars keep score

The heart maybe wild, but it never wants you to hurt
its searches for loyalty, not just a flirt

Now the mind knows the heart is far from devious
in fact, its honorable, no room for mischievous

Its that the heart feels, it does not think
and hope can be destroyed, before you blink

Think of the mind as more.. the heart's protector
yet, if it gains all control, it becomes the rejector

So the heart must push back from time to time
or miss all chances, the ultimate crime

The mind knows the heart longs for you
but to set it free? oh what to do?

All the while the wild heart wants to know
if your heart would dare to share the same glow?

Honestly, if the wild heart knew your pain was its blame
It would lock itself away! and hide its shame

Like the mind said, the heart is pure emotion
and there is fear amongst its commotion

It longs for another, no other

But it dare not cause you pain
the thought of that drives it insane

So the heart wonders in and out of cage
afraid of actresses and the stage

Still the Wild Heart longs for you
I just hope you know these words...are true



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