Dear perfect neurotypicals,

 I refuse to be the next crazy person on the back end of your jokes

I know you were talking about me but you didn't know

You think of crazy as straight jackets and force fed medications

You think of Batman and the joker with a

Laugh that boils you to the core

You see a serial killer who had no remorse

You call Donald Trump

You sing the song Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

And you laugh at us as you buy an Obsessive Cat Disorder lanyard at the dollar store as if the prozac prescribed for our scary disorder, can be bought there too.

You mean a danger to others or maybe you mean the next story line of a Norman Bates remake you will pay to see.

But what you never think of is the medications we take to be seen as the same as you.

You imagine the “nuthouse” we were stuck in after our last suicide attempt as the saharah, full of hungry lions all at the throat of the other but in reality we sit in a circle where we talk about the last guy that hit us so hard we wanted to die

You make jokes about us saying “maybe suicidal people just want to fly”

That if we see people who aren’t there we must be real high

Our minds are mine fields and all you see is the bombs.

You say crazy as if I am a monster for your next act.

But my life isn’t your TV and I am not your actress.

My life is pain and beauty but when decide to define my life by  slurs,I know you think of mine as less.

So, Maybe you are the one who is crazy for thinking all minds are alike

For the definition of insanity is to repeat repeat repeat and think you’ll change me.

If you want to change us stop calling us crazy,and start calling us human.




A PTSD survivor, suicide attempt survivor, a beautiful striver,

and someone who doesn’t see one mind as all.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


E Wildflower

Thank you.


Amen to that, thank you for writing something meaning full.

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