In my mind

In my mind, I have lived a thousand lives, and died a thousand times.

I have traveled across time and space, and entered many worlds.

I have slain dragons, ruled kingdoms, and spoke to dinosaurs.


In my mind, I had spilt atoms and reconstructed them.

I have held the sun in the palm of my hand, and seen its death and rebirth.

I have seen the universe as a child, and seen it grow into an adult.


In my mind, I have seen all the secrets the universe has to offer.

I have realized the flow of the universe, and became one with that flow.

But, even with all these secrets revealed to me, I still question my existence.



In my mind, I see darkness,

I see pain,

I see dispair.


In my mind, I am alone.

The darkness, suffocates me, consumes me.

But within that hell, within that chaos...


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