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I think when the earth was young a meteor from somewhere in the cosmos crash landed on the surface, exploding for miles and miles, And ever since then the pieces have been traveling through water and air over land and sea, or through anything that
 My emotions are paralysed by fear,I am so scared that no one will hear.So stuffed in a bottle and thrown in the sea,bobbing up and down in the centre of me. Armed with a smile to mask over my cries,I must admit it’s a brilliant disguise.You would
I know that this sounds crazy, but I just can't seem to let it go. Everyone around me keeps telling me to stop hanging on, and to just go with the flow.
MY LOVE IS FAITHFUL Unaware and suddenly Like a butterfly she fertilize my pollen.
sometimes the sign you have been looking for is bright and fluourescent  invading the stormy blue sky sometimes its just a whisper in your ear soft and subtle like the brush of a butterfly wing
yesterday i stole time i snuck in while destiny was asleep and hid the seasons away i don't want to worry that there will never be enough of it to spend with you
So much words I want to say Emotions build every day For true love I did pray Now I've found it I'm blown away Battled for you throughout time Won every fight to make you mine In the world of you and I
One thousand pieces spread across the table; Completely overwhelmed with where to start. At first look, they blend among the others, But different shades are obsolete to the norm.  
It's unsettling having to settle being incomplete For Eternal peace fulfillment and purpose must meet A blessing for all, the experience of this courting is sweet
A boy prances on the theatre stage His pirouettes piqued my next mind's page His pretty face sets my eyes to him It takes such might to unglue them   He turns, and twists and jumps so high
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Whether she blamed him or he blames sheThe fall was always meant to be.The gift of knowledge,Forever blessed,Born from the woman’s mess.Yes it is she, sheWho stole the apple from the tree,
Will be like this:  R.I.P. Bob  and tears and probably more tears.      However, there is more than just death and mourn.  Your story won't die. 
Up Ahead Stands a figure A hooded figure. All around me is chaos, the screams from the Fields of Punishment Echoes in my head. His hand reaches to me. A soft smile that says
  I gaze at the world Above Me   Endless and open   Beyond my reach A world I yearn for   You can’t go, you can’t fly …I want to
I've born many a days Not ever sure that another would come And yet another one arrives Because it is not up to me to decide It's a gift that I cannot deny And the day that is last Is much too far off
Words to escape from reality 
In and around the time I began to crawl, it had occured to me that the book of life is so small.   In that, as I walk with a pace of, the missing number; three... would be left up to me.
I’m an ambitious man. A tool of destiny, a puppet of fate, transcending all of humanity. Cunning and charismatic, I seek
P a t h w a y s        By: SeemsPoetic   I can feel it in my heart I'm already slowing dying  In my mind…
You won't believe me if I told you Your life is nothing but a dream walking in complete darkness it's your job to paint your life !
Dear Future, There are too many words in my head, Yet I can’t get them down. They swirl, they jumble, And I begin to drown. There are too many thoughts in my head, That I can’t decipher.
I see too clearly that you are a rigid string unwilling to bend for, or to, others. Your plans are obscure, complicated,
From horoscope readings To zodiac signs To interpreting the location of the stars in the sky To stumbling upon one special person Unaware of the great impact they will have on you Whether it will be good or bad
When God crumpled the stars And made people Scattering these borrowed atoms across The earths skin Did he await the day that I would find you?   And as our ancestors died and rejoined the stars
Dear Young Hearts,  
I’m so glad I found you Do you know why we found each other? It was destiny Long ago When we were still stars We touched Gently and lovingly And we were separated
It was like any other day. The cars were honking. The children were shouting, playing. Someone was doing their homework. A mom was buying groceries. A girl and a boy were chatting endlessly.
She sits atop a jeweled throne, her lilac hair an endless stream. Her gold eyes are all-knowing, and her body is furled in tenebrous shadows. She looks at the board before her.
The constant eradication of a soul A soul broken into pieces of a whole Leads to a stone heart That can no longer feel pain
  Frantically sinking into the Sea of Death Trying to catch a single breath A breath of life That--- for a moment--- can take away the constant strife
Dear Destiny,   With words unspoken, you decide our fate From the things we love to the things we hate  Who we fall in love with, and who we can't stand Our every last wish, our every last demand
Take this in, deep down inside. With all the wrong and all the right. Only you know, only you see.
We're the arrows that God uses for his bow, and most of the time, he's missing He's drunk in his backyard and blindly picking us up from the dirt ground
our souls are fickle things they float about the world lightless and heavy with one mission in their heart
Isn't it crazy how everyone in this lifetime insipres and impacts others Some way or somehow Just saying a little compliment can make the difference between lonliness and appriciation 
If you wait for your destiny,Then your destiny will be to wait.  
I'm leaving home for the first time. And it's kinda scary, I don't know what I'm up against. There's a future I can call mine, Out in a great big world Where I'm on my own, without friends.  
sometimessometimes the manis a bata wooden stick strikingheads with a splatnails driving deepin crisscrossing slatson slides dividingscience fictionsfrom facts  
an endless deepa void so vastholes drain spaceof stars so fastand any hope theyhoped to castlight in streaksdisappears in mass  
My mind is afloat with many ideas, Thoughts are ignited inside the eye of things which cannot be erased. Can this path of life lead to the place that I can call home,
For the darkness in the skies;The nightmare in disguise,Still I rise.  For the moon in the night,For the sun burning bright;Lord did we rise...   For my sisters and brothers; My father and mother I will rise!  For the pain in your eyes;For the lov
The doll of an urban legend, born on 5th avenue and made in Macy’s Herald Square, threw away her metro card.
Listen to me my son, you are called to teach; Basically I’m asking you to crawl in deep; But first, we’re gonna have to overhaul your speech;
Occasion was college annual function When you sang a sweet love song That touched the bottom of my heart My eyes wished to quench its thirst By plunging into depth of your heart But no favor from destiny
"Don't be your father." Don't give up when they need you. Don't go back on your word. Make it through. Find a way.   "Don't be your mother." Don't leave them all alone.
Compared to the expectation of my dreams, And the flight of my imagination, It seems still, This space I possess, My 17th year of life. I send a quake towards my destiny,
I am not a poet. You are not a poet. I am a lost soul with an imagination that demands to be seen. You are a creature looking for words that fill your aching void with a sense of      belonging.  
I Dreamt Of The Land, That Unbelievable Land, Where I Pay For Entitlement, With The Cut Of My Hand, Where The Rune Of Treachery,
Love surpassing something as limited as the heart and human emotion. The seas apon the globe are nothing but mere shallow ponds in comparison to the capacity we own as one. You are me, I am you. 
I hear you words everyday in somhow in some way you say you aren't controlling me but I am trapped I'm not free.  You degrade me in public call me names to make me feel pychotic
We all have a detiny in life, Some follow, and some not.  Not as easy as you thought.  You have some people, who are strife, Whose life cuts like a knife. Shall I think of life as a rot?
It reassures me Yet it used to Annoy me so much Thinking about My choices being made Without me as a thought But for some reason It now becomes a medicine I plead for it
Dream. Your ideas set your boundaries. Make them infinite. Listen. Your heart identifies your destiny. Follow no matter what. Learn. Mistakes are a part of life. Understand the meaning within. Grow.
Shy, cry, bye and why Look me in my eyes, and you still lie Tears swelling, questioning how I will get by Water weight dropping, I've ran myself dry I'm a wreck, be honest, how do I look?
I’m 60% water Every cell in my body is living For that intricate H2O   I persevere to stretch My ambitions To be boundless Like the water That sneaks and slides
  How do you know what can’t be lived withoutIf you lived life before attaining it?It is simple.You hadn’t been truly living at all.
Your Heart affects your Thoughts. Your Thoughts lead to Choices. They become Actions. Actions lead to Consequences. Consequences Determine Your Destiny.
Illuminated by the infinite sublimity Of the seemingly half-real form of this man’s body weighing her down, She sinks beneath His solid shadow,
I get to decide my own destiny.And if I want to be a rebel without a cause then so be itbecause in the end I won't live my life with any regret.I don't want to live in fear. Fearing what life will bring for me because I didn't want learn how to fl
"These strings are heavy  These strings are poor It's me they steady As they close the door I hate these strings I hurt, it stings To desert my meaning."  
"My destiny calls  I fight the urge to fall  As if death could be worse I wish to break this curse But as I look around I hear a strange new sound Laughter in the depths Allowing me to rest."
From under this morning's sun, Carefully, Quickly, I dared sipped from it. I thought, With my eyes closed; Forget today, Let someone else take your route.
Destiny: by Paul Gray The sounds of silence echo loudWithin my sleepy headAwake it seems though darkened dreamsHave told that soon I'm dead  
Coincidence has destined my ironic fate, Like star-crossed lovers who act too late, Before I even drew my first breath, Providence recorded my imminent death   Fortune allotted to me my share,
You may not know  But I can see
You tell me who to be, and then refuse to walk Along the beaten path you carved for me.  I stumble along rocks, and smell each blooming bud.  Why do you make things so sweet and empty?  
I heard once of a wishing well
The Lesson 
Envision freedom as a circle spanning three hundred and sixty degrees   And sitting at the circle’s center you are at liberty to swivel and tilt at will  
"Existence is an ocean."
One Day I lost you, disappeared in thin Air, I went searching for you but could not find you anywhere Oh the grief you have caused I nearly pulled out my Hair, I looked up, down, all around but nowhere
The time has come for a suite,Humbling and sweet.Eternity awaits for those of us,Standing on destiny’s edge.  
What is hope but an endless rope  not the one meant to choke
Over the years, We fell apart. Lost contact, Drifted away.  
That night rain made the skies look like wet parchment
  the cold damp grass bends beneath my weight The night sky casts a white shadow on my fate looming like dramatic irony I remain unaware the stars eye on me i still think that life is fair
Is this the life I was meant to live? Is it supposed to be like this?
We always say "Hi" And it comes with a smile We always say "Hi" But yet to say "Goodbye"
Twisted and tangled upon the floor, was where she laid herself.She wasnt looking at anything specifically, but yet she was staring at the irony of her destiny.
"Just be yourself." I've heard that line a thousand times Which self? The one that gets me admiration and respect, or the one who swings between lows and elation,
Plans for the future
All of these battles fought before, no one will win this war. Madness driven by coexistence,
Person of every moment, I am he who gives without expecting atonement. Give myself to you if ever you need consolement My soul is always open , sometimes my mind is closed in
A narrow mind needs not to dream And I want a dreamer to dream with me. So, before we part, it's this you must know: You were a fanciful one, as far as dreams go.
Long walks on the beach Looking into your eyes 
Her crystalized eyes fill with a temptuous lust
Could you feel me leave; and climb so high to see the world at my feet? Steady storms ashore, but I'm the iris and I just want more   It's in the stars: the treble in my heart will be heard on Mars, for  
When I dared to finally take my own steps, and when I dared to go my own direction, I found and learned about myself without the intention.   I left my home country and studied abroad
My weary old soul cursed by another's unfinished past was given a long and treacherous path, paved and made with broken stones and questioning tones
So many people lost today. So many take an easy way, sell their souls and give their love away.
Do away with material things None of that matters My sole hope for you and your long life is to be  more than you were yesterday scream, love, dance, embrace, and run like hell 
Chorus -
Be strong   And if I witness a close death. Be strong, for It will strengthen my belief that it was their time and the works of god are never wrong.   And if I am ever befriended, 
Its my time to shine many years have passed my destiny is calling reflection in the glass   Curtain call! I hear the man scream a bang on the door Startling me  
Him Something about him His laugh, his smile, something that's him This isn't like me
"Somewhere between free will and determinism I found myself stagnate, in a metaphysical gridlock not knowing what direction to step in.
Suddenly, He Smells The Scent Of Berries
Wedding love--rare depth Uncommon variation Sought four leaf clover
To be heard, is the cry of every heart To be heard, is desired from the very start From a child's first cry, to final death We long to put our souls to rest To find peace in someone who has heard
My People, My People What have you done?
There is but a tapestry Woven over the years Laced with the delicate lives Of all those who lived before me   I am but a single thread Spinning endlessly until My end, just a piece
At first I thought the issue was me. But then I saw my mother. I thought the issue was her. But then I saw my aunt. I thought the issue was her. But then I saw my grandmother.
Thoughts are as common as the world And at the same time they shape it Sticking to our detailed minds making them twirl
Just a moment of our lives,  Thinking about every second, Not even caring about the person walking right past us.  It's all about ourselves time and time,
I place the key in the ignition,I put the car in driveand press the gas pedalbut I go no where. I open my mouth,and move my lips,I push air out
Ashes to ashes Dust to dust Vessel to vessel Trust to trust   On someday in March… I remember distinctly Listening To yourheartbeat   That moment you told me
Luck sits watching the world, She along with her mate. Serious he sits by her side, The all-seeing Fate. And below them both, Their four children dance around. Chance, Destiny, Karma, and Fortune Occasionally stop to glance down.
Waiting for someone.     On my pinky, the red string.    
Everyday Same time Your front door creaks, did you notice? Mine does, too. 10:30 AM, you walk out of your apartment- The one right across the hall from mine- And I make sure I walk out, too.
Walking down the little path, in the middle of the night Seeing your reflection in the water as you walk by. Lost blurs of silver and white expand across the dark night.
Spread your wings and follow your destiny. Open your eyes and see the reality. Close your eyes and see what could be. Flap your wings and fiollow the path. Evolve into a beautiful butterfly. You've crawled low and miserably for too long.
I hate the idea of destiny To me it's agony To think I don't control my own life The use of this word it so rife And it pains me to say this But your ignorance is not bliss
The left arm is the pain and hurt that’s been suffered all this time, while the right is a shrine to the family that’s there no matter what.
I promised myself it wouldn't happen.
My little feet alone on the playground they run away from me No they’re not scared their footprints fade into the distance I tell myself
Destiny deals our hands and we sit around the table with our poker faces on getting redy to play. Karma and God cracked their knuckles and sat on the throne meant for them.
You only write once So this is my only chance To express what’s inside Even though sometimes I wanna hide   Because the pain is real and the hurt is deep
  To sense the warm sunshine take a glimpse at your skin, The wind dance in your hair,
I wish my
I had a dream that I was floating Towards a world unknown. Everything around me was frozen As if time had ceased.   A voice approached me From an unknown location "You are destined,"
  Miraculous pity isn’t it so? Gingerly anticipation! My gloved hands pulsing, to know…to not know… Tails lack an end of extermination. Should chance toss elsewhere- then off with her head!
Don't call me your angel. Don't call me your baby girl. I can't possibly belong to anyone. It's not by choice. It's just my destiny. I was meant to stand alone, an icon of myself. I was meant to be strong and a leader all my own. I'm hard to love 
She stood, hair lapping in the frigid night air, at the coast. The rocky barrier separated the gravel road from a smooth, black and lapping bay. It was pitch black, like thick coffee with grinds that managed to escape into the brew. Lapping.
My friend and I were talking one day and he asked me, "What do you think about the state of downtown?" I thought about this question for a second and said...
I once met love at the front door! And, when I glaced it's direction Love, beautifully, smiled back at me. That was love. My first sight! I became instantly drawn to love.
I call to the stars And question my existence Who am I really?
From the moment I first heard her heartbeat; that I felt her move.   From the moment I first saw her; my Darling’s eyes so blue.   How anxious I was to hold her; embracing my joyous fate.
We don't get to timeour crises of faith,do we? When thebite has gone outof the bourbon itseems as thoughjokes are not funny,as they used to be.
I write so that you may see me Wrapped so eagerly into this language That can move so swift from my lips that the meaning  Brings nothing But when you see it
sometimessometimes the manis a batin that a pen in his handis giving wings to a ratlives in his own worldand his world is flatthoughts like ships falloff the map  
To speak for those without voices;To feel as they have felt,and bleed as they have bled;To record the lives of others,their thoughts,feelings,and opinions,so that they might become immortal
Draw a path For a destiny. Take it nice and slow. Do not worry about the flaws, For they will clear With the brightest light, That will never make it dark. So enjoy a journey
Watch an eagle spread wings like silk Untouchable purity against a night sky Until the hunter (some would call him Destiny!) takes aim See the king of the air turned to game
  I sat next to him that one day thinking he could one day be my friend. From that day on we started talking, as one would say, but it was a wonder what our eyes would send.  
You make me laugh. You make me smile. You make my life have purpose. I am nothing without you. Before you came into my life I was a mess. I finally had a reason to change who I was. You gave me a reason to start my life over.
My soul is downcast from fighting in the flesh. So far and distant, a glimpse of You is what I need. As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You.
I wake up every morning, asking myself, what is my destiny Sometimes I can't provide myself an answer But as I begin my morning routine, The world becomes a little more clearer to me
When one has all but wish for none When one has none but wishes all   One’s path, One’s fate, One’s Destiny     A life for a life, denial in humanity A life denial at humanity for a life  
There was loud noise Followed by me crying out his name As the bathroom door Flew open I could feel the steam Coming from out of there Pressuring against my face My mind bobbled
You know, you might look at me and think that I've got it all together, this much is true. But if you dig a little deeper, the truth will come through. You see, I'm just a young man with a hope and dream, a little talent, too.
I feel like I'm destined for something but will I reach that preset goal I'm not cruise control I'm speeding along and I break down And it seems like destiny ain't for me.
Secretly the moon dances with the stars, Across the night sky, They shift and glitter against the darkness of life, Two dancers in love as their love shines down. Maybe in the moon's silver gaze, We too,
Inhale the scorching summer sun Inhale the vibrance envelope around you like the sweet simmering blades of grass staring vividly at the horizon I feel the heat wrapping its tentacles around my pale white flesh
Will I ever be able to escape the clutches of my mind And travel the world as a happy soul One so content with life and eternally blessed If this happens I could surrender my love and finish my existence with him
Everyone has dreams. Only few wake up and chase them. The sleep are sheep. who can't release, grips, from the nation. Stricken in poverty. This can't be life, Obviously. GOD didn't put us here
I came out of the womb a writer. I am certain. However, I didn't accept that I was a writer until age nineteen. That year I made a choice--we all have to make one, or more, eventually.
Begin the heart’s drumming beat, Eternally locking our secrets deep, Never ushering sound of defeat or joy, Enraptured by life we turn so coy, Another day or night it’s all the same,
My tongue will not spill No. I want to give her the world. No! she deserve the world. From my rib that is why He created Girl. She is so dangerous, avoid the eyes. Her voice is like an Angel, so check your pulse for evidence that you are alive.
There was a time when the world was beautiful. When my biggest fear was growing up, and getting older, and getting wrinkles. That was the time without worry. Where I didn’t have to look over my shoulder, and wonder. Or even care.
Though you see, To find is another matter. Wanting hearts not filled overnight. The journey continues, Hope still abounds in us. A search has demanded answers, They will be owned, Oh Perseverer.
And all I see looking back at me, Is broken glass Destiny. And all these paths we make, And all these lives we take, Lead to selfish will And hope that always fills The empty side of me.
Why not me. Look at them, they seem so happy Hand in Hand, drowning in the endless pools of each other's eye Oceans of euphoria, smiles real big like a child watching fireworks
You’ve got that look in your eyes And I can see you’re off somewhere Building castles in the air Hoping one day you can live up there Hoping one day that you’ll be up there
Once there was a boy with a heart so big A heart so willing to give, give and give A heart so forgiving and filled with joy A common trait in such a little boy
I am a sensitive loving person. I wonder where my passion for life will take me. I hear my destiny calling. I see pain turning into forgiveness. I want the truth to be seen. I am a sensitive loving person.
This Poem is my everything. If you can, just listen and let me know what you think!
Hovering just within my reach, The warmth of your body Curling around me in seductive swirls, Eyes piercing my soul, Whispers of your lips lingering on mine, You stand a 8,194 miles away.
Its you that I've been waiting for The one who would sweep me back to shore Why do I fall so easily When the words you used were so cheesy my heart beats fast You were my first and I was hoping my last
when I watch the patchwork of stars ten thousand galaxies away when I watch you go - orbit away from me as I stay stagnant we are, feelings fall away like dust plummet to the earth
Life isn't always what you want it to be, But you cannot change what is destiny. A mere instant can change your life forever, You may even be bound to a grueling endeavor.
Who is that still figure illustrating my mirrored image? Is not from the moment were born that ignites the art of curiosity, and the strive to achieve.
Confused and scared, I struggle through life completely unaware. Why am I here? When will my purpose appear? Questions roll around in my head, Where have I been led? Destiny, is it real?
You don’t know what I’m talking about You don’t know what I want You don’t have the ability to read my mind
I contend not with men and their rhetoric, but with self and its defiance to the greatness that is alive in me.
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