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I Dreamt Of The Land,

That Unbelievable Land,

Where I Pay For Entitlement,

With The Cut Of My Hand,

Where The Rune Of Treachery,

Is Found As Shallow As Air,

And The Tale Of Enlightenment,

Uncommonly Rare,

But No Fear,

I Enjoy This World,

Since My Harpening Deeds,

Can Also Be Charged,

As A Sacrilegious Fare,

Making It All Too Real,

Despite Never Actually Being There,

I Begin To Believe In This World Of My Dream,

And Accept My Life In The Unspoken Realm,

To Denounce All My Work,

I Burn My Physical Sphere,

My Fascination Will Leave You,

You Couldn’t Interest Me,

Much Less,

Keep Me From Pursuit,

In This Geographic Unrest,

I Rise Towards The Air,

And Live Above The Land,

Should I Tire,

I Will Simply Ingest,

Gulps Of The Gulf,

To Choke On The Sand,

Expel My Consumption,

I’ll Recreate Man,

& Now You’re Near,

But I’m Accomplishing So Much,

My Efficacy Drags,

As You Draw Nearer,

A Noticeable Field,

Sending Me Morbidly,

On A Pendular Recourse,

It Will Regress,

I Will Regret,

Only To Find,

That As You Awake Me,

Nothing Comes To Mind


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