The Puzzle Pieces of My Life


When I dared to finally take my own steps,

and when I dared to go my own direction,

I found and learned about myself without the intention.


I left my home country and studied abroad

while I my adultery was slowly brought.

I fell in love when I expected it least.

Choosing for myself made my self-knowledge increase.


Life is like a puzzle;

Each piece completes the overall picture.

Each piece that I place influences my life.

I learned that life isn’t a scripture.


I choose to place a different puzzle piece than others do.

I make choices that make me happy.

I dare to dream, open up, and focus on the good.


Before I placed certain puzzle pieces,

I didn’t know what pieces were going to fall into place.

Therefore, I stopped looking at what puzzle piece to trace.


The still uncompleted puzzle of my life

makes me the person I am today.

I am happy with who I am and how I thrive

because I learned to love life

and found that life will love me back in its own way.


I now know how to sparkle.

I shine brightly everyday.

I leave a little bit of glitter anywhere I go

and everywhere I stay.


I try to inspire others by being myself.

I know that the world is open to me

and my wishes and dreams on behalf.


I live life in this world that opened up for me

when I opened myself up for the world and my destiny.


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