All Is Well, Says My Heart

Occasion was college annual function
When you sang a sweet love song
That touched the bottom of my heart
My eyes wished to quench its thirst
By plunging into depth of your heart
But no favor from destiny
My heart consoled me saying
All is well

How may I forget that fine morning
When your search was on
In the College Central Library
For a book named “Romeo-Juliot”
And I made your search complete
Destiny again played its game
And you disappeared all of a sudden
Boisterous winds and waves of frustrations
Began to exasperate my emotions
And my heart consoled me saying
All is well

How can I forget that ominous evening
When in the college canteen
We had a cup of tea together
I extended my innocent hands with a smile
For everlasting friendship
But was rejected by your pseudo pride
As I was a poor son of a poor farmer
Destiny was a barrier between a rich and a poor
Suddenly a gust of cool breeze passed through
And I had a deep sigh of relief
Then my heart consoled me saying
All is well.

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