Running to my Destiny


                Im running searching down a endless path , I have no idea whats at the end but i continue to run with no fear.I run,and run with happiness i shed a tear . I run in the dark with no one by my side . I run and run with pride.I see my future ahead and thats what keep me going. The atmoshere was cold so the wind was gently blowing. Running from my past i have no fear. Running and running i know the finishline is near.Pushing through with all my might. With me i have courage and i continue to fight. Running to my destiny i shall not give up. I run with bad memories from the past. I run skillful and fast.Running from the hurt and negativity. No longier scared of whats ahead , because i conquered what was behind. Realizing my self is what i needed to find. I keep running ahead looked so much brighter.I hear people cheering for me to make it to the finishline.Tears fill my vision. Happy with my decison. I cried tears of joy . Running and running i see the finishline near. Running and running and running i threw away my fear.Ahead of me is such a beautiful sight.I gave it all i could and put up a fight. As i made to the finish line. All the negativity , past bad decisions was no longier in mind i made it . I reached my destiny.

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