The Scent Of Love


Suddenly, He Smells The Scent Of Berries

Softly Rubbed Against His Face
His Body Dances With The Wind
And Absorbs The Last Bits Of Warmth From The Sun
He Feels Something He's Never Felt Before
The Strength Of It's Presence Got Stronger
Until He Was In A Daze Almost
Walking Through A Crowd of Beautiful Creatures
Unaware Of What He Was Searching For
The Scent Was Faint At First
But, The More He Walked
The More It Got Louder And Louder
With Each Step He Took
The Moonlight Slowly Stepped Forward 
So... Gracefully
Sad, Alone, Dazed, & Confused
In The Night
It Seemed He Would Never Find The Mystery
His Body And Soul Seemed To Be Searching For
All of A Sudden, He Saw A Garden
And The Red & Pink Roses
Seemed Like They Began To Glow
Filling His Eyes With Amazement
And The Gentle Breeze Once Again
Rubs The Scent Of Berries Across His Face
And Suddenly, He Sees A Girl
She's Glowing Like An Angel
Perfectly Underneath The Ray Of The Moonlight


She's Wearing A White Dress 
That Stop's Right Above Her Ankles 
And She Slowly Turns Around
For A Second
They Just Stared At Each Other
Right Into The Sparkle In Their Eyes
And She Ran To Him
He Slowly Ran Up To Her
They Stood There... Waiting For Someone To Say Something.
"It's Like, I've Been Search-", They Both Said In Perfect Unison.
They Gasped In Shock And Looked Around Bashfully.
Her Hair Blows In The Wind, Which Did Something For His Spirit.
He Slowly Leans Into Her Perfect Face
And Gives Her The Best Kiss Of His Life.


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