Beneath the Willow Trees

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 11:43 -- Zensho


United States
43° 28' 29.0496" N, 75° 5' 4.1136" W

Begin the heart’s drumming beat,
Eternally locking our secrets deep,
Never ushering sound of defeat or joy,
Enraptured by life we turn so coy,
Another day or night it’s all the same,
The earth battered by Spring’s rain,
Have we missed the whole point,
The calling life and death gives in joint,
Holding on to what is dear,
Ever pushing those things away because of fear,
Watching and waiting on a grey morn,
I look heavenward soul deeply torn,
Little did I know I was now lost,
Little did I know what my dreams would cost,
Only if foresight and hindsight were equal,
With life there is no such thing as a sequel,
There is only one story one life we live,
Requiring our whole hearts to freely give,
Every person has an idle dream,
Every person has weakness not seen,
Such is our plight, in the journey we call life.


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