Trust fall


United States
32° 40' 45.912" N, 97° 1' 42.0168" W

Its you that I've been waiting for
The one who would sweep me back to shore
Why do I fall so easily
When the words you used were so cheesy
my heart beats fast
You were my first and I was hoping my last
But how can I be brave
How can I love when I'm afraid
Afraid too fall for someone that might actually put me first
too much excitement might make me burst
Cause what can something I want so bad be my worst fear
I know its because I've shed these tears
I'm breathing you in when I want you out
I'm trying to find our truth in a hope of doubt
That's why I chose too do the trust fall with you
Only too find out you would let me fall because you were never true



I wrote this poem about the first boy I ever gave a chance which happened to be the only boyfriend I've ever had and I thought we would last forever but he ended up deceiving me with his words

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