P a t h w a y s

       By: SeemsPoetic


I can feel it in my heart
I'm already slowing dying

In my mind…

I'm screaming out to change my ways
But it's just a lie to say I'm trying
I find that young boys soul deep down
He's crying out for help
I never chased his dreams
I've been lying to myself
It's all up to me
Why can't I seem to see
There is no one to fix my million problems
No one to stop and rewind the time in which I've made no progress
I regress into sadness again and again
I find myself drifting into madness
Lost on this one way path to what's supposed to be a life of happiness

If it's truly what I want to do

If I'm truly passionate

If I have as much potential as they say...

Why can't I seem to capture it

Use it when I wish
Use it how I please
I can't seem to do anything with myself
I'm falling to my knees

I remember thinking

A man without a dream

Is as good as dead it seems


If he wants to feel alive again

If he want to be redeemed

He has to teach himself to strive again

No more calling out with pleads

He does not have to take the easy route

The only path that society seems to see


He can choose to make his own

No matter how much doubt there seems to be


The life you lives a book


And It’s all within your means

If you never learn to trust yourself

You’ll never be set free

The path that you've been put on


Is never set set in stone


The world is ruled by society


Just as much as it is by you and you alone


You simply must believe


If the life you lives a book


Why not write it as you please.


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