There was loud noise

Followed by me crying out his name

As the bathroom door

Flew open

I could feel the steam

Coming from out of there

Pressuring against my face

My mind bobbled

Maybe I was crazy

Crazy to ever do this

Head bowed

As his feet came into my view

I'd become lost

Dry at the mouth

My heart racing

Body pulsing

With streams of tears running

Racing down my cheeks..

I look up to him

With the greatest smile of them all

I positioned myself

One knee up...

The other down....

Tears in abundant

With clear confusion& concern written

All over your face

The beauty of him being

Unknown to what I've done

...unknown to

What I'm about to do

I spoke...

"You are the most complicated


Strong will, weirdo I've ever meet..

I mean I don't even know

Why I call you one of my friends..

You're lose at the tongue

You never listen..

I'm sure I was drunk

When we first slept together..

I was probably hung up

on some serious drugs

Every other time

Why did I put myself in this situation...

You always wanna argue

Always thinking you're right

You're not worth NOTHING.!!

As I became silent

Catching my breath

He then felt need to open his mouth

&I felt it needed to silence him

So with a gesture of my hand

He feel silent....

My heart drummed violently

In my chest

"You maybe alot of things

But of them all you are my royalty

You are my king..!

&you should not be down graded

To just being my friend

You are my best friend

Yea, truth be told

I was drunk that first time

Drunk from your taste

Yea every other time I was on something

I became an addict

You.. my drug.!

I get my high from you

Baby, you are too rare

To stick a price tag on

I would never put a price on you

Nor my unconditional love for you

For no amount of silver or gold

Is worthy of being compared to you

For you are Priceless"

Opening my shaking clasped hands

Revealing a little black box

That Little Black Box

As I opened it to collect what was

Rightfully his

"Hear me

Loud& clear..

You shall be mines

As I shall be yours

Be my hubby for the rest of my days..

..our days

Be the greatness

That I have privilage to wake next to

The greatness

That I will not fear to stand with

The greatest

That I will love with no end

Will You...

Marry Me....???


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