Your Life, Your Choices, This World

Sun, 01/05/2014 - 19:27 -- Amera


To sense the warm sunshine take a glimpse at your skin,
The wind dance in your hair,
And the dirt rub on your face. 
To feel the days pass with no worry, whim, or fright,
Take a deep breath of air,
Knowing you're in the right place.
To take a daunting walk knowing you won't get lost,
You know you will take care,
But say "goodbye" just in case.
To fight what's wrong, be brave, and stand up for what's right,
While leading the way where,
Your dear loved ones will be safe.
To sing a song of truths no one will admit,
Step a foot with no dare,
Where courage will find it's place.
To be audacious and brave is just one thing,
But to prove it with acts,
Is when you will become king.
So be the knight who rides with might in lightning to,
Be what you yearn to see,
Do what good is left in you.
If this life is a great book that you get to write,
Write it with great purpose,
Write it in pen and take flight.
Take imagination with you on the journey,
Take friends and family,
Make your life very worth something.
Because this life,
Isn't going anywhere without:


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