Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:13 -- ttldao

when I watch the patchwork of stars
ten thousand galaxies away
when I watch you go - orbit away
from me as I stay
stagnant we are, feelings fall away like dust
plummet to the earth
heartless, heartless, hearbeat, we all will fade away
the curved imprints from where we were entwined
do I still confess? confess?
and the ten thousands of galaxies drift so far
and I stand here, I am a statue of stone
and you?
you are all you are
(not for me)

drift - drift





Maybe you can't quite get over someone yet, but maybe you can understand that the universe is telling you to let go. Sometimes love just doesn't work out, and they drift away from you, until they are a distant star.

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