It is Simple


How do you know what can’t be lived without
If you lived life before attaining it?
It is simple.
You hadn’t been truly living at all.

I would never survive without hope’s chance
That goodness and happiness exists now.
It has always been out there just for me.
Opportunity beckons us all there,

But still you may wonder precisely where.
It is simple.
You feel it within your soul, pulling you
Towards a destiny you chose for you.

I live for the feeling that there’s a home
Where I can go to and can be myself.
Where who I am benefits others, and
Who they are benefits me, you, and us.

Without that knowledge and hope, what’s life’s point?
It is simple.
There really is no point—at least for me.
I simply cannot live without that hope.

I would be a zombie without a home.
I would be a man without a heartbeat.
What would be my, yours, our point—but nothing?
It is that simple.

This poem is about: 
Our world



This poem was created for the All I Need Scholarship Slam and is about the thing I really couldn't live without. It's more of an idea or a feeling than an actual thing, but I still couldn't live without it.

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