Broken Glass Destiny


United States
43° 39' 26.8236" N, 116° 14' 32.7444" W

And all I see looking back at me,
Is broken glass Destiny.
And all these paths we make,
And all these lives we take,
Lead to selfish will
And hope that always fills
The empty side of me.
And as Fate’s design
Grabs me from behind
Tears Hope open wide
And lets it grow to me.
In seasons divine
We open up our mind
To restless void we find
A future
Ours to mine.
And looking back at me
Is hopeless destiny
Turning on new prey
Finally giving up on me.
And Fate we find
Is always in our mind
Not too far we know
But safe from what may sow.
And always restless in
We find Hope’s new kin.
Ready to take these hands
And breathe it in.


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