Bird Call

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 15:27 -- Wolffy

Inhale the scorching summer sun
Inhale the vibrance envelope around you
like the sweet simmering blades of grass
staring vividly at the horizon
I feel the heat wrapping its tentacles around my pale white flesh
I welcome the lonesome birds;speaking truth through animal instinct
I look to the transparent blue sky,and lift my black encrusted fingertips inhaling the irony
I take it all i, and my mind settles upon the image of you,
with your almighty hands, and golden hair
I remember your swampy eyes, pouty lips; soft and warm
I see you while you're gone; working hard to "put the bacon in the bank"
It's funny how I could wake up to your silhouette, pull you close; call you "mine"
I've been searching through the rain for a smile just as yours
Your teeth stacked so properly like a batch of freshly washed dinner plates
I've been awaiting your arrival, but it seems you boarded the wrong plane, and we both lost our way
Yet, here we are; secluded souls seamed into one
I feel you, You keep me safe
When I am with you, I am pure
Our eyes mend and mingle, glop every shade of green and smear the pallet
I see you,darling; found the missing puzzle piece
Who knew you were my neighbor?
The fates kept us away so that when our paths finally intersected we'd feel it in our bones
We connected like a Jenga joy ride
Clicked like a remote gone haywire
I'm so unsure of many things I conspire
but when it comes to you
I feel that I am here for a reason


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