Twisted Entanglement


Twisted and tangled upon the floor, was where she laid herself.
She wasnt looking at anything specifically, but yet she was staring at the irony of her destiny.
She was young.
She was pretty.
And she was also heart broken.
Day to day she wakes up with a feeling of passion and long aches for freedom.
She skips along the streets in search of her elegant destiny.
High and low, she ponders of where this small but big thing could possibly be.
The world around her seems to stop in a instance. She,however, keeps running through the passageway of time.
She paces, glides, skips, and hops all around everywhere for it.
Until she finally reaches the end of the passageway.
There was a large sign posted on two of the doors at the end of the way.
She started to get scared because she had finally found what she was looking for.
She didn't ever read what the signs said in the end.
Because she simply refused to let her destiny become a choice.
Wandering around the portal of time was simply enough for her.
Prancing through the sideways of happiness, the girl finally stopped amongst a new dimension she had never crossed before.
The smile on her face was heart warming, as she stared into the eyes of her everlasting soulmate.
Her destiny appeared right before her.
Not in the form of a door.
But in the form of a common male.
The funny thing is they have never seen each other or ever spoke one word to each other.
But as soon as they set eyes on each other, they fell in love like they have known each other for a lifetime.
She stepped into his world, and he into hers.
This time, she won't have to search ever again for gladness, because that position has been filled.
Unknown became known.
Loneliness became love.
Curiosity for knowledge became destiny.
Destiny is destiny in itself.


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