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I feel like I'm destined for something but will I reach that preset goal
I'm not cruise control

I'm speeding along and I break down

And it seems like destiny ain't for me.

Destiny is a pretty one, but babe Destiny is what I'm not destined for maybe I'll see her someday

But for now I'm sitting in the street hoping cars don't hesitate to speed right past

I don't need chances

Chances need me

No need for little old destiny.

While I am one in the clog-filled fog

and boy have I smelt disaster

Only a foot away and it's was, delightful.

A shift in pace from smelling lilacs and lilies

And when a sniff of pure slop entered into lungs and breathed with my body it was

a new experience united

And for the first time I experienced

Something real,

a fantasy.

Something so horrid filled my youthful soul and with it came the statement that world is not pure in white or cream, but spotted in crimson and velvet.

So in a way Destiny made my day with yet, another idea that made me wise as a willow and as smart as Descartes

And I gained the knowledge that little child Destiny is on everyone's back and someday I'll be face to face with her

whether it's her knocking on the screen door or hiding in the shadows we will see what she has in her toy box, a jack of all trades or

A Jack-A-Box

it makes no difference.

That five foot-one little girl haunts us all with toys of wisdom

And a break of opportunities to pull us up from the grave and onto the median of individual greatness.

So thank you for the hope that someday I may be in your book

Of the great ones that met you and rose to the end of the never-ending galaxy, but for now I cannot be complete with others still asleep. I must make their future be seen so that I can sleep again.

Before I met destiny.


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